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South Park: How to Fix the Internet

2 October 2001
I mounted a power strip up under my desk and have all that crap plugged into it. Now when it gives me fits, one flick of the switch and it resets everything. No more fumbling for cords and dropping them behind the desk!

EDIT... now that I think of it since I made it into a situation that won't frustrate me it hasn't given me fits. Typical electronic demons.
Re: The next South Park episode

:biggrin: Pretty good. It touches a nerve in all of us.

But how about the nerve that raises the question about taking it all for granted how, and will it come to an end? The bigger & faster computers get, the bigger and faster they have to be just to boot up and do simple stuff. We all know Al Gore invented the internet, :biggrin: but who's the super geek who's maintaining it?

Anyway, South Park should the tackle internet capactiy worry. If you're like me and think that "there's no free lunch" is more than a cliche, you're probably wondering if the price of the internet due to capacity limitations will follow the price of gas. :eek: :frown:
Re: The next South Park episode

We all know Al Gore invented the internet

actualy, he invented man-bear-pig:tongue:

over logging was alot better than some of the episodes theyve come out with lately, but i will never look at randy the same way again:tongue: i almost LOL'd myself to death at the end of the episode with randy