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Spacers 5 mm

13 January 2003
Norway (Arctic part!)
Need 4 spacers for my new Enkeis. Offset are 43 in the front and 38 in the rear. Front doesn't clear the caliper, in the rear the clearence is 1 mm.

Any suggestion for other spacers are welcomed. :smile:
H&R 5 mm spacers will do that for your car. I've also heard of thinner ones (3 mm? but not H&R).
Usualy for this thin spacer i will make by myself you go in evry shop that have cnc machine and make how you want

Got them from Dali Racing incl longer studs for a very reasonable price and quick delivery. :smile:
Need them before our national track day next weekend and they are right now at customs clearance in Norway.
MJ really helped me out again. :biggrin: