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Spare tire, stock exhaust, oil pump, 2 plastic pieces top of the engine, catallic/hea

18 July 2006
91' NSX, when I replaced the 2 heads. And misc. parts

Stock exhaust: $85
Spare tire: Sold
Fly-wheel: $100
bolts for both heads, inside the engine: $40
Fan inside the engine compartment: $40
2 Headlight bulbs:$8
Oil pump: $100
2 plastic pieces top of the engine, next to the Honda DOHC emblem: $35
Various header/catallic coverter parts: $100
Spare-tire racket: Sold
Trunk tray for the tools: Sold
Various little parts/parts for engine: Sold some. If you are in or around San Diego, or have friends who lived close by, you are welcome to check them out at great price.
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