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Sports Car Meet In The O.C. - July 20th 7pm @ Newport Bluffs

9 June 2005
Southern California
The last official Wednesday Night Meet In The O.C. - July 20th, 2005 @ 7pm - Newport Bluffs

This meet is open to everyone this time. Several other cars from other boards will be making it out, so I hope everyone will go with the interest of keeping it cool that night. Hopefully the same can be said about all the other attendee's. This is usually a Supra meet, but we've always had other cars come and everyone's had a good time. This is just a way to personally invite you all to come check us out. We are still waiting for the footage of the last two meets to be posted. We will all head down to In 'n Out afterwards, which should make for an interesting drive this time. Hope to see you guys out there!

You will need to take the 73 Freeway South either from the 405 or the 55 freeways. Once on the 73, you will head south for about 4 miles or so, and your exit will be Bison Ave. Once you exit the freeway, you will see a shopping center to your right, and that is where we will meet. Usually we meet in front of Island Burgers, so maybe like 3 or 4 rows in front of the restaurant is okay.

Time: 7pm

Cops are relatively cool about us meeting there, so don't worry about being harrassed. As long as we are not screwing around. It's the best time to meet since all the shops are usually closed by then.

Here are some pics of our last meet:










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Oh yeah, I remember talking to you about your RX-7. You are running a single right? It sounded sweet. You mentioned your NSX too. Hope to see your 'Rides' out there next month.
I am extremly jealous... Yet another reason Im depressed living in Jersey. One day Ill reside in Encino :biggrin:
evof575gtc said:
if you need help bringing out both cars, i'll help you drive one of them there :wink:
Hey Erik, thanks for the taitec exhaust once more. Now all i need is my car back to put it on. Ill consider it, i just realized though this meet is next month, i thought it was coming up in a few days :biggrin:

supdawg79 said:
Oh yeah, I remember talking to you about your RX-7. You are running a single right? It sounded sweet. You mentioned your NSX too. Hope to see your 'Rides' out there next month.
Yeh, how you doing man. Yeh running the single, contemplating about putting in a bigger hairdryer, however i put the 4" HKS Exaust back on, but still having problems with my wastegate. Ill see you next month
I'm glad you guys are all supporting this meet. It promises to be a very memorable night. The location is great, the people are all cool, and the cars will be the draw that makes it all happen. Thanks again, and I will see you all there next month...

-I will keep this thread active up until the day of the meet...
It's a bit last minute, but if you guys in So. Cali are interested, we are going to the Crystal Cove meet tomorrow. We'll meet up at the place for the July 20th meet (above) @ 6:30am.
IM in to go hope you guys can make it to the event im hosting here in san diego Deja vu showgirls july 17th but im definitly in on your event. Supras are invited to attend this meet. We all love cars that have lots of style and the supra and nsx have lots of style. Check out my thread nsx meet in san diego at deja vu. and email if you guys would like to attend!!!
So the meet is finally here. This Wednesday @ 7pm. It would be cool if you guys would meet prior to the meet and caravan into the parking lot. I will be video taping the meet, and the entrances will be included in the video. Just thought I'd let you all know.