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Spotted in Ottawa!


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31 August 2003
Ottawa, Canada
It was thursday march 24th, before I left on a trip to New York and I was
test driving a 2004 pearl white G35 coupe. I just got off the 417 at walkley,
around 7pm, and was waiting at the intersection when a red coupe ( 1991-1995 I reckon )
flew by and took the on-ramp going back onto the highway in the opposite
direction I had just gotten off! I was going to follow, but since there are
so few NSXs in Ottawa, I thought he wouldn't be part of the board, nor
like someone following him in a G35. Oh well, just thought I'd post in case
it was someone from this board who rarely posts, or for the most part,
simply for a nice little story of a beautiful car on our streets! :wink:
Was not me either...I was busy being stuck in my NSX in a snowstorm....yikes. :eek: :tongue: