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Status Racing Seats Group Buy

2 May 2003
Seattle, Wa
Status Racing Seats

I have recently become a dealer of Status Racing seats and have been authorized to offer a special price to nsxprime members for a limited number of orders. Their entire range of seats can be seen at www.statusracing.com . For the first 10 sets of seats ordered I can offer 25% off of retail price for any seat in any combination. Just about every seat is available for immediate shipment. These seats will accept any standard side mount seat rail such as taitec, but are not included. Also shipping is not included in the purchase price of the seats. I would prefer to have you guys email me if you are interested.

[email protected]

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Re: Status Racing Seats

Email sent. Bring on the NSX-R lookalikes :)

Here are a few of the seats offered. I replaced my Recaro pole position spg's with the Status Laguna Seca. Install pics are available in the picture gallery.

This seat is the Status Hochenheim. It is available in frp, kevlar, or carbon fiber. For upholstery you can choose from red or black cloth, alcantara, or black leather.For example with the nsx prime discount a frp Hockenheim in black leather is only $671.25 each plus shipping
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This seat is the Status Racing Laguna Seca. This is what I am using in my project nsx. It is available in frp, kevlar, or carbon fiber. You can also choose red or black fabric, alcantara, or black leather. With the nsx prime discount a Laguna Seca in frp with alcantara suede is only $746.25 each.
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KANE said:
Here are a few of the seats offered. I replaced my Recaro pole position spg's with the Status Laguna Seca. Install pics are available in the picture gallery.

How would you describe the difference in them from a fit/feel perspective? narrow/wide, tall/short, does or does not work with street belts, etc.

For our price, we just take 25% off this list (pdf) ?
The Laguna is a little tight on me but but not uncomfortable . I think the Hockenheim is probably the best fit. The sides are a little lower so it is easier to get in and out of the car. The laguna has very high side bolsters that hold you in place very well but getting out of the car is more difficult. Dimensions are available on their website. I am using street belts with the Lagunas right now with no problem, the Hockenheim should also be no problem with street belts. Both will work with harnesses also. Yes as a prime member I can sell you any seat at 25% back of the list price in the pdf.Also you can email me if you have a specific combo you are interested in and I can reply with a price.
Thanks for the quick response.

Sorry for my poorly phrased question above. What I really was interested in is how differently the Laguna Seca feels from your old Recaro Pole Position. Sooner or later I was planning on getting a pair of PP's or similar in black leather. The Laguna's look very similar, so I was curious how you would compare the 2.

FWIW, I am about 6'0", 185#.
Ok thanks for clarifying. The pole positions are wider at the base than the Laguna. I am 5'8" and weigh 180 so I am pretty stocky. I find the Lagunas to be snug but not uncomfortable. Due to the design the Laguna is able to be mounted much lower in the car than the pole position. I can post comparison shots tomorrow. The pole position is pretty easy to get in an out of. The Laguna is a little more difficult because of the high side bolsters, but let me tell you ...once you are in you are not going anywhere:) My nsx is not going to be daily driven so for me this is not an issue. If that is a concern for you the Hockenheim may be a better fit. On a side note a friend just did the players run road rally and used a set in his porsche. He is extremely happy with the seats, and found them to be very comfortable for the long drive. The look of the seats in my car is amazing. The contrast of the kevlar against the black leather is really wonderful. When you open the door it just looks so exotic.
I am interested but im about 6'1" and 235 lbs and 38" waist. Will any of their models fit me comfortably?
I think the Status Monte Carlo will work, a friend of mine is roughly your same size. I am going stick him in a few different models tomorrow and see what he thinks.
The Monza appears to be visually closest to the PP, or the Type-R. I'd value a comparison of the Monza with the PP seat. I think Ryan would also :)
No leather in Monza though... :frown:
Ok here are the latest updates. Ryan I can get additional material for you, but you need to let me know if you want alcantara or cloth.

White 94: I can get the monza in leather.

serialNSXer: I am going to take comparison shots of the pole position and Monza side by side in the next hour.
What about the fitment for big boys :biggrin:
Sorry I forgot about that one. A waist size 38 is going to be a little tight. Status has a new seat in production that is 1" wider than their current models. It will be available in approx. 1 month.
Ok I just sat in a prototype of the new wider seat. It is super comfortable and the sides are not to high so entry and exit from the nsx should be very easy. It will be available in approx. 1 month.
As requested here are the comparison shots of the Recaro pole position spg and Status Racing Monza.
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Here are a few shots of the difference between mounting systems for Recaro and a Status seat. The Recaro just has a hole drilled in the side and a nut inside the fiberglass. The Status has a bolt through stud that is replaceable and much stronger. The Recaro is the black seat, the Status is the kevlar seat.
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KANE said:
As requested here are the comparison shots of the Recaro pole position spg and Status Racing Monza.
The Kevlar looks great! Really. But to clearify, is the black seat in the photo a PP, or an SPG? Comparing both here the black seat looks like the Pole Position seat, and NOT the SPG. The reason I ask is that the PP is slightly wider and more comfortable for us US types, and the SPG is for narower butts :) Though the Stratus looks like a "narrow seat" compared to the black seat in the photos. Can you provide a description of how you fit in both seats, please. For reference, I am 5'-10" and 155lbs. Finally, what part of the country are both these seats located?
Just placed my order for a pair of Monza seats, red alcantara, no logo.

IMHO, next best thing to the NSX-R set at a fraction of the price!

The seats can be ordered without logos on the top. Mounts and sliders are in developement for the nsx. The bolt spacing is the same as a Recaro so and sidemount system will work with these seats. The seat in the picture above is a recaro pole position spg
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Ryan is right, these seats seem to be the closest we'll find next to the JDM Type-R seats.

I just ordered a set, no logo, red alcantara, Carbon Kevlar shells, plus a waterproof coating for the alcantara. Plus, Kane is going to see if he can get the centers perforated. He and I also discussed if he can get the red R mesh material at some time in the future (~4 months). If this is possible, he will send out new covers that I can install myself.