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Steering column cover boot 53320-SL0-A80. AKA Cover, Steering Joint.

10 May 2012
Eastern Virginia
Steering column cover boot 53320-SL0-A80. AKA Cover, Steering Joint. AKA that thing that covers the hole in your floor. List price is $76.75.

This is the round plastic piece that fits around your steering column and covers the hole where the column goes through the front bulkhead/floor. It greatly cuts down on noise from the front suspension/steering; this part tends to get left off and lost when removing and installing the steering rack.

I removed it from my '96 NSX when having the steering rack rebuilt and never got around to reinstalling it (see previous sentence).

Acura parts catalog lists it as fitting 1993-2005 NSX left hand drive only. Not sure why it doesn't show as fitting 91-92.

Includes both plastic clips/rivets that attach the piece to the firewall (part number 90654-SA5-003) and both metal spring clamps that wrap around the steering joint cover (part numbers 53325-SH3-000 and 53326-SL0-A00). List price for the rivets and spring clamps is a little over $30.

Selling for $40 shipped CONUS.

Steering column cover310192.jpgSteering column cover303145.jpgSteering column cover339783.jpgSteering column cover316935.jpg
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