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Steering Hub Question

16 December 2007
Ireland/UK/Worldwide .......... 無限JDM
I'm changing my OEM steering wheel and installing a MOMO TUNER, I'm just wondering will this HUB will fit ok?


I'm just looking for something simple, that fits nice and retains the horn as I'm removing the cruise. Has anyone got this one fited and if so any pics?

PM "evof575gtc" and get the NRG hub. It looks nice and you can get it "short" to add a removable wheel for theft or race seats.
Yeah I did send him a PM just waiting for a reply. But I'm really only after something basic like in the pic, i'm not looking for any quick release setup or anything and I already have the MOMO TUNER. Just wondering if anyone has the dali hub in the pic fitted as I'd like to see it installed.
I bought my rapid hub from SOS. It's simple and looks nice and yes retains the horn. You will need the long hub if your not using a quick release.