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stereo wiring diagram

14 February 2024
Good morning everyone, I need help.
I'm trying to repair my original stereo code cm 3939 r original code
I would also need the wiring diagram even for a fee.
Thanks for your help.
I'd do a search for threads by @Heineken , who's repaired a BUNCH of stereos, to see if any of them are directly applicable. He may also be able to start a PM stream with you on wiring diagrams.

Suggestion: Add your location to your profile as head units varied from market to market. Also, to assist people helping you, post details of your model year etc, preferably in your signature, especially if it is an import to your market, like a JDM.

Lastly, if you do track this down, or any diags of other head units, please let me know and hopefully we can post them to the NSX Prime Library.