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Stone Chips

10 July 2000
El Dorado Hills, CA
Be honest. How many of you purchased a Bra after noticing your first stone chip. This would be to cover the chip(s) or prevent addtional chips from occuring. It's been a month and I still can't get over it.

Does the look with a Bra justify the protection?

Red/Blk 97-T @ 13K
Originally posted by NSX4U2:
Does the look with a Bra justify the protection?

I felt the same and seriously thought about putting a bra on my car. However I ultimately decided against it. The reason why is if you get any kind of grit around the edge of the bra the paint is going to wear from the vibration.

What I've done is become really good at using touch up paint. I have some places where you can't tell there was a chip. Another approach is to put on StonGuard. We put it on my wife's SLK 320. It seems to work well on her silver MB. You can kind of see the lines but it doesn't show up that much. I suspect it depends a lot on the color of the car.

Hal Jones
Lake Oswego, Oregon
95T Blk\Blk SportShift
I used a bra on my first nsx and it was effective against errant stones. Keeping the inside clean can mitigate the "sanding effect." (The vehicle spent half it's time near the beach.) Abrasions can be buffed out, stone chips can not... and that was the basis for my policy of use.

After a decade of experience, I am more forgiving. You are faced with the reality of stone chips, like it or not. The one time you don't use the bra, is the time you get hit!

Take a look at your rocker panels. Stone chips? They probably look like the surface of the moon.

If I am using a truck route I use the bra. Otherwise, I don't.

It all comes down to reducing the impact of what is inevitable -- provided, of course, you drive the car!!

With touchup paint and 600 grit sandpaper, I can make a stone chip disappear -- practice developed this skill.

Be mellow and try the art of touchup. It is satisfying to know you can beat back time -- if just a bit.
the front end of the NSX is unfortunately a magnet....

some people dont like touch up paint because it is hard to apply with the huge brush provided in the bottle. a while back a friend showed me how to fill in chips using a toothpick. again, patience is key, but this works real well.
Unfortunately this car is a chip magnet...In the short time I have owned the car, I've noticed that the nose and front fenders are prone to being hit by sand/grit....If you plan on driving the vehicle, it's inevitable...You need to become adept at chip repair....I'm in the process of trying out a paint chip repair system...I'll let you know if the product works as advertised.
I'm currently getting info for one of my Supra clients.We just repainted the front bumper because of excessive chips.Due to popularity of aftermarket spoilers,bras become useless regardless of looks,they don't fit.There are 2 manufacturers that has recently developed a clear protective film for any vehicle.Kinda like a large thick saran wrap/shrink wrap,pre-cut per vehicle."The Leading Edge" made by 3M and "Stoneshield" from Avery Dennison.The 3M product will offer $1000 warr. against chips and 4yr.,$1000 headlight replacement guarantee.Both claim to be virtually invisible,scratch resistant,will not discolor and is easy to install.Seems to be the answer although I still have many unanswered issues before I can choose between the two brands.