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Stoptech Brakes Special Pricing

19 January 2001
Chandler, AZ
hi guys --

<img border="0" src="http://www.ScienceofSpeed.com/products/braking_performance_parts/NSX/Stoptech/big_brake_system/stoptechbanner_450.jpg" width="450" height="300" align="right">We've had some interest in putting together special pricing on the Stoptech brakes based on the success of the sale 2 years ago. We arranged again with Stoptech for special pricing on the popular Stoptech big brake system for NSX. These kits use the latest e-brake design that we developed with Stoptech that allow them to be installed with factory 17" wheels. Despite an increase in the cost of the brakes, we've arranged for special pricing that is the same as 2010!

more information:

Please <a href="mailto:[email protected]?subject=NSX Stoptech Group Buy">contact us</a> with the following information for a quote:
1. caliper color
2. rotor disc design (plain, slotted, or cross drilled)
3. rotor plating (plain or plated)
4. if you want to upgrade to Trophy Sport or Trophy Race kit

We really prefer this brake system for a number of reasons including balance, caliper stiffness, rotor design, and pricing.

1. balance:
Unlike all other brake systems available for the NSX - the Stoptech front and rear brakes were designed as a set specifically for the NSX. The ST40 (a forged aluminum four piston caliper) was designed with tapered pistons that are biased for the front and rear of the NSX taking into account the factory master cylinder dimensions, line pressure, and weight balance. Externally, the calipers look identical. Internally, the balanced piston sizing means an easy to modulate brake pedal, balanced front to rear bias, and maximum use of tire traction.

We have strongly urged other manufactures to provide us a properly designed balanced system for the NSX - however, the answer has always been that there simply isn't enough volume for them to commit to the NSX. We give Stoptech a lot of credit to dedicate the effort to the NSX to produce a properly designed system for this "niche" market.

A good detailed explanation of this is provided here:

2. stiff calipers:
Stiff calipers are extremely important. A stiff caliper reduces deflection under load. Deflection under load gives up force generated by the pedal and master cylinder. The Stoptech caliper through finite element analysis was designed to be one of the stiffest calipers available. A number of features sets this caliper apart, including the patented bolt-in bridge. The Stoptech ST40 caliper has significant less deflection than other popular calipers, including the Brembo "Lotus", F50, and Porsche 993 calipers. The ST40 caliper, used in the NSX kit, is the same caliper used by top placing Grand Am and World Challenge race teams. More information here:

3. rotor design:
Not only great looking, the Stoptech patented rotor design maximizes the rotor's ability to dissipate heat. This increases pad and rotor life and maximizes durability on the track. More information here:

4. pricing:
The Stoptech brake system achieves the highest level of performance for the price. In fact, it's priced significantly less than other systems that do not deliver the same balance and caliper rigidity.

Previously, the main point holding us back to recommend this brake system has been caliper to wheel clearance. The Stoptech caliper is wide. It's design is made to maximize caliper rigidity, and to allow thick brake pads for maximum life and durability. However, with the large increase in wheels with excellent brake clearance, the options have greatly opened up. We've including a list of wheels available here:

In addition, we've made wheel templates for test fitting. You can find this with instructions here:



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Can I retain OEM NSX-R NA2 rotors and just replace the calipers under OEM 17's?