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Stupidest comments ever heard by NSX owner

27 October 2000
olathe, KS
I was in shock for about 10 minutes today after some guy ask me a question while I was driving my car down the road. The question was, "Is the car fast, is it faster than a Civic with Vtec?". WOW, I was shocked. My feeling about my car is it look real exotic due to lowering by shocks and springs and imported Japanese wheels. Other comments I had was, "This is the badest car I ever seen in my life".

Maybe I should put stickers like the Civic people, Power by Comptech Supercharger. Just joking no sticker for me.
shoot, my friend was washing his car the other day and he saw someone putting a brand new sticker on thier civic. my friend went up to him and asked him if that sticker made his car any faster.

my friend does not own an NSX, but he does own an SHO so his car isnt too slow.
"Is the car fast, is it faster than a Civic with Vtec?".

The stupidest comments are when they ask you if your car is a Civic.
Hey you guys have it easy, at least they got the Honda part right. I had some lady walk up and ask if it was a Firebird. A screaming chicken for crying out loud. An NSx looks about as much like a Screaming Chicken(So named for the Screaming Chickens that graced the hood of most of these cars in the 70's) as an F-355 looks like a Camaro.

I shoulda replied "No, its an Integra"
Ok. Here's a better one. I was pulling up to the parking lot to my bank. As I drive by these 2 teenage girls, I hear one of them say to the other girl, "Corvette wannabe..."

Ooh the pain. That hurt!! That was just like sticking my hands into the pickle jar after giving myself a papercut.
I think I mentioned this on another thread.

One time I had my car parked at my grandma's condo, one of her neighbors asked my mom about my red Mustang!

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."

I overheard this conversation at a local auto parts store this past Monday. I had parked the NSX right by the front of the store:

Store Girl: What is that?
Store Boy: It's an NSX.
Store Girl: NSX? Oh, it's alright. I thought it was a Vette.

Meanwhile...down the aisle...

The voice inside me screaming: What?!? An NSX is just "alright?" That's it, I am not buying anything from this store anymore...

'95 NSX-T: comptech exhaust, eibachs, bilsteins, WW front spoiler, 17/18 Work Wheels
'95 M3
'99 A4
On a recent driving event about 5 NSX's pulled into an otherwise empty store parking lot. When I bought something at the counter the cashier asked me, "Are you the one driving the black corvette?"
Originally posted by David:
If you stop at a gas station in a small enough town, anythng with a rear wing is a Lamborghini.

When my car was parked at the local stereo shop having my CD deck installed, and one guy on the street asked me "wow! Is that a Lamborghini?"
One day when I was filling up gas in the gas station, an old guy came to me and said "I like your new Mustang".......
Another day when I was cruing around and one woman on the street shouted "Hey! Viper!" and the guy beside him said "No, that's just a NSX..cost around 30k!"
OK I can't keep quiet. My car has been called a Corvette several times and usually considered a compliment by those saying it. Also a Ferrari about second most often, a Camaro, Lambo, Maserati, but never Mustang.
After 10 years, many have never seen an NSX.
Talking about Ferrari and Mustang that reminds of my Friend's 98 yellow F355 F1. He valet park the car for lunch and when he finished eating and walked out two older couple were looking at the car. The old man says, this is a nice car and walk around to the back and saw the horse and say, "that is a nice mustang".
Well, gotta say that most of the time I get folks in the street or inside other cars pointing at my NSX, so no clue what they could be saying... but after 5 Porsches and other "nice" cars, not only does my daughter for the first time beg me (in those rare occasions when my wife can't drive) to pleeease pick her up through the FRONT of her school so all her friends can see the NSX.

Now, my daughter is kind of a car chick herself (although too young to drive) but what really got me was my 11 year old nephew, who tends to be a recluse and has never cared a cent what I drive when I go visit.

His father comes shyly into my office and says that my nephew is having a game and asked for me to PPLEEEASSEE pick him up in the NSX so he could show off...

The point is that throughout my stream of nice cars over the years, my staff / family /friends pretty much just go "nice car". Somehow, with the NSX they stop dead in their tracks.

Naturally like you I've had my share of stupid comments, but lets just go for the top 3:

1) My insurance agent of many many years, who happens (happened) to be a lovely young blonde woman insuring my cars & home. Chatting happily as usual down the elevator to take the polaroids of the new NSX.

Brand new 2000 Silver NSX, about 100 miles in the odometer, all shiny, sitting sideways across 4 parking spaces, sunset imminent and reflecting in the side sills in an apogee of beauty making me all teary eyed as I proudly point to it and tell her "that one is mine..."

.. and the b*tch says "wow, looks like a camaro"

I'm looking for a new agent now.

2) My neighbour (who drives some sort of little Civic) knocks on my door and tells me that I'm nuts to trade my 996 Porsche for a Honda, but he understands because his Civic has so much torque...

I'm looking for a new neighbour now

3)A new S2000 owner, in good faith, tells me how cool his car is and is bewildered that I insinuate that the NSX is, hmm, kinda a little better. Fighting words (for him).

But tell you what, someone should start a thread on the "top three compliments", because I sure have 20 good stories for every 1 bad one.

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Well, I had an encounter at the gas station last week that I figured I had to share it with all of you. This guy was so nieve that it should be documented to compare future evidence of ignorance against!

I'm standing next to my car while the gas is flowing in and he walks out of the station's store. I notice him giving the car a once-over as he heads to his car. As he passes by the rear glass of my car, he stops to notice the polished components and braided lines. Upon seeing this, he comments that he's "never seen one where you could see the engine like that." I told him that I had removed the engine cover to show off the powerplant. He asks how fast the car will go and I tell him well into the 170's...or so I have read. <grin> He compliments me once again and then turns to walk to his car. He looks back and comments over his shoulder, "I've always liked Corvettes!" I think I forgot to breathe at that point...I was so amazed. He then noticed the center lense on the tailights and realized that it wasn't a Corvette at all. I kindly pointed out that the Corvette was a "Front engine" car...and he replied with, "Well, nice wheels anyway." I had to laugh inside...that one takes the cake.
I was idling down Ft. Lauderdale beach in traffic one day, when I woman from the second floor of a bar yelled "Nice Viper"! Before I was able to say anything, her boyfriend said, "That's not a Viper you dumb b***h, that's an NSX". That's when all hell broke loose at the bar. I'm not sure who won the fight, but I laughed the whole way home.
Originally posted by James Cruz:
I was idling down Ft. Lauderdale beach in traffic one day, when I woman from the second floor of a bar yelled "Nice Viper"! Before I was able to say anything, her boyfriend said, "That's not a Viper you dumb b***h, that's an NSX". That's when all hell broke loose at the bar. I'm not sure who won the fight, but I laughed the whole way home.

James...you're such a trouble maker! Tisk tisk...
First time I showed my wife the NSX that I was going to buy and her exact words:
"Uggh... It's so ugly. Can't you get a cute car?"

NO, I'm not going to look for another wife. Good thing is that it's finally growing on her though. She loves the Monaco Blue paint and is starting to like the looks(after 9 months). She still complains how hard it is to get in and out.
If I were you I would just agree to whatever type of car your barber happens to mistake your NSX for. ESPECIALLY if he has a pair of scissors or a shaver in one hand.
I forgot about my favorite. When I told my co-workers that I bought an NSX they (of course) replied, "A what?" "It's an Acura" I told them.
They said, "Oh, those get good mileage."
I was at a autoshow hovering around a brand new NSX, two old bags walked by the car and said," That is the ugliest car I have ever saw." I couldn't beleive what I had just heard. Later on I saw them getting into a dark blue rusted out old Pinto. Nice.