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Sunday May 15th Kansas City Drive

8 January 2003
Independence, MO, USA
Well the May 1st drive was a bust but the car show in Louisberg made up for it. So, the 15th is looking better. Robert, Mike, John and I have tentatively said that this date will work for us. James, Tom, Mark, Pete how about it? Gary. :biggrin:
I'm in for the 15th. Someone want to shoot the Viper/Ferrari guys and invite to run on the Missouri side.

If I have to lead like always I'm gonna tape my car up like this again to avoid all the bug crap..........not.

You guys should come to the track some weekend.


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too early to tell yet for me, but I'll try and make it out.

Anything going on this weekend? I have a friend in town and he would like to hit a car show or drive/etc. He's just as mad as I am about missing the Louisburg event :mad:
I guess the planets are just not aligned for me thus far. :mad: I have another committment for this Sunday the 15th. Really itching to drive though. Don't give up on me, I'll catch up with you soon.

How about it Mark, you out there? We promise not to do any crappy bridges. :eek: Gary.
For anyone who is unfamilar with our drives, we meet at Panera Bread on the N.E. corner of 291 and 40 hwys. in Independence, Mo. at 9 AM and departing about 9:30 AM. It usually lasts about 3-4 hrs. and we sometimes do lunch afterwards. Gary
I had emailed Jerry Dobson about this weekend and he just replied saying that quite a few were racing at Mid America. He is going to pass along the info to others who aren't going racing. I spoke to F40 Chris at the car show and said he wished he could attend, but he would be in Paris, then London, etc., etc. blah, blah, blah. Man some of us really have it rough. So far it sounds like Robert, Mike, John, me ,Mark, and Tom. See you guys Sunday. Gary :biggrin:
Hey guys,

I might not be able to make it this Sunday. My daughter is going to be at a pageant at 12:30 near KCI. If I do show up, I will probably have to leave early. Hope to see you all there!!!

'91 Red/Ivory
Sorry guys, can't make it. It appears that I have caught a bug.....which requires me to be close to home. You know what I mean. :confused:

Make sure you plan the next meet and I promise to stay away from bad resturants. Tom, make sure you let us know when your next track event is, maybe we can attend or even be involved.

Drive safe guys and have a great day. :redface: