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It's Been A Long Time Coming...

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress and your track days. I know my 94 is happiest on the track (and so am I).

I think I should have headlined this build as "The Second Time Around". The registration finally came through. So I got to hit the road, take her for a drive and see what she feels like. It's quite an experience comparing the experience of driving the car today, with the memories of driving it 9 years ago. My initial impression was that the car didn't accelerate as quickly as I remember it. But I got to open up that throttle a bit and she pulls effortlessly to higher speeds. And My Lord! This car is so low to the ground...that seemed really funny and I had to laugh. My daily driver is an Audi sedan and wow, the difference is striking, Not that I'm complaining but it was a bit of a new experience to be so close to terra firma. I can't wait to see what she feels like in a deep fast curve, THAT is something that I genuinely look forward to! The clutch isn't bad at all. I can still feel when she engages. I gotta get used to the controls again (I know, but I just don't feel up to reading the manual...again). The OEM sounds system sounds, well....old. But I can barely hear it because of the loud exhaust note. I had an alignment done and the tech doing it describes the sound as, "Deep and Angry!" I'm not an angry guy...So, I'm gonna look at an old Comptech or CT exhaust system. I'll compare that with the option of changing those Borla 'S' Type mufflers for something like Magnaflow. OH! And these wheels don't look that bad...I can live with 'em. As I said before, "Up Close, they look pretty intricate. I ordered a helmet for track days HJC AR-10 III and I'm gonna update the anti-theft technology before I take her anywhere. I gotta say...It Feels Good the be Back In The Saddle Again!!!
Oh! Man! I lost my starter. It crapped out about a week ago. NSXMugen says he's got one from some earlier project (I'm telling' ya he's a Mad Scientist!). My man J from J's Tuning drops by and installs it for me. She Starts! Hmmm. I gotta pay this forward. I got some rod bearings lying around in need of some?
Last week I took her out for the first long drive in about 10 years, about 300 miles round trip. I was excited to see, feel and hear the sights (lots of thumbs ups) and sounds (that exhaust sings a pretty baritone at WOT) that come about when driving a Gen1 NSX. I came upon a guy in a Pretty Red BMW E35. The car was pretty nicely modified, but he didn't wanna race (I drive fast and with precision but my racing on the highway days ARE OVER!!!) I'm thinking he was intimidated by the reputation you guys have forged for seriously modifying the NSX when it comes to performance. IMHO the car sounds pretty nice but not as nice as the original sound. It's a bit too deep for my taste. And in all honesty it doesn't seem as fast as I remember it. I honestly admit that with the modest modifications I've made, I'm concerned that some guy in a Civic Type R will come along and blow my doors of...until we get to a curve. Then I can hang with anybody....Well, Maybe! ��. It was a pretty cool day over all...until I began the drive home. My clutch began to stick...as in not go into gear. Oh Sh*t! Oh Damn! It was weird...on one shift I couldn't get her into 3rd...next time it had trouble getting into 2nd or 5th...and when it would go into gear it took a 'SLAM!' to get her there. I stopped for gas at my favorite Shell station and was worried that I'd die there. Was so relieved when I got her moving with little trouble. Through the grace of God I managed to get the car home with no difficulty. I called my new NSX Tech, a guy named 'J' from J's Tuning in PA. He'd already come to my home to replace a blown starter (Thanks NSXMugen for the starter, Much Love Much Respect for you Man!) He came to the house again to check out the clutch, and after a quick check told me that I didn't need a new clutch. Heck, I was already in the process of researching and was gonna get an Exedy Hyper). So this was good news. J found that a spring in the clutch assembly had come loose and needs to be put back into place. I'm gonna take her in this week to get this problem resolved. But man I gotta work on my 'Heel n Toe" I just don't shift as well or as quickly as I used to. Maybe these bad hips have something to do with that. �� I'm thinking I need another driving school or something to get back into shape....All Good Things in time!
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So here I am just under three months after getting this car back on the road. In July I took my first long drive. I drove out to my daughter’s house, a trip of about 136 miles one way. I am not as nimble as I once was and getting used to driving her again was surprisingly not as free flowing as I thought it would be and after surgery, my hip is a little stiff. Getting back in this car was my first time driving a clutch in about 9 or 10 years. There are certain things that you don’t forget, but I found that I lost my ‘Heel & Toe’.

On the way back home from my daughter’s, I developed a problem getting the car into gear. I had to slam the shifter for gears to engage. I limped home just hoping that I didn’t hit traffic but of course that was inevitable in NYC metro. Somehow I managed to get home with nothing more than an elevated BP and the shocking realization that I had lost all my hair!!!

Turns out a seal on the clutch slave cylinder had been leaking and one of the forks in the assembly was actually broken or bent to something like that.

Out with the RPS, in with the EXEDY HYPER Single Plate.

I went with the EXEDY Single because while I may eventually autocross, my driving is not yet at the point where I can really handle more power. Mind you the upgrades to the engine internals plus the I/H/E setup must have improved horsepower and torque. But honestly, the car does not feel as fast as it once did. I will Dyno the car when time and funds permit. I’ve found one nearby and plan to use that when I am ready to power up. Presently, it seems that my first move in that direction will be the AEM EMS V2. Engine Control Unit.

As it stands, once the car gets up to speed she feels SWEET! I can handle curves at velocities equalling those of my B8.5 Audi (with that Seriously Sublime Quattro Grip). The NSX amazingly feels more secure in the corners and I know there is more left. I want to get more comfortable with my old friend before I attempt to take her beyond certain limits. Learning how she breaks away and managing that drift is next on the list. But I will approach that in a safe and controlled manner. That’ll be my excuse for time at a local cart track. I am deeply satisfied with how the car feels in a curve and under braking.

Like I said earlier I’m still trying to find my “Heel and Toe”. When I’m at a comfortable position in terms of distance from the clutch, my knee hits the bottom of the steering wheel when I shift. Beyond that I have yet to habitually position my foot on the brake in order to allow that smooth rollover to the throttle, the one that generates that matching blip that sounds so sweet when done right. But each time I drive her I can see that I am slowly but steadily getting better.

But I gotta tell you that I’ve noticed something…

Every time I’m on the road and having fun. If I come up on somebody with a hot car…they back off! I suspect that a lot of YOU GUYS have intimidated the hot car driving populace. They think I have, what YOU GUYS have under the hood. You know, Superchargers and Turbochargers and that Nitrous stuff.

My exhaust systems SOUNDS!

At low RPM’s the car sounds angry…like a muscle car in my opinion. But at higher revs it doesn’t sound bad at all. Check it out…I think because of that noise they think I’m armed for battle.

Awww, shucks! can't upload an mp3 audio file. Well, at least not yet!
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I feel you pain darcon. Had my hip done 4 weeks ago. The NSX and my other manual cars are laid up for the winter, so I won't be refining my heel and toe skills until spring unfortunately. The hip is coming around but will probably take a bit longer than some, as my surgeon says that it was the worst she has come across up till now. I believe she described it as "horrific". I wanted to wait till I retired to get it done, and then waited some more so I could enjoy being retired. Always figured I would wait long enough that I wouldn't have to have it redone later on. I hope at least that plan of action works out.

My hip is feeling pretty good at this point, but I've managed to rag my shoulder dragging my sorry ass out of chairs etc. Guess I should have spent more time doing my upper body exercises before surgery. Getting old ain't all it's cracked up to be!
Man, You got that right! this gettin' old crap is...well, just that Crap! It Sucks! I've had 6 shoulders, a hip, 2 knees...and the list goes on. BUT...I'm gonna keep swinging for home runs every time I step up to the plate. I really hope your hip continues to get better every day. Stay Strong Man and Live with Class, Style and Enthusiasm! ����
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My god man what have you done to yourself over the years? Six shoulders?? My present condition suddenly seems trivial! Thanks for putting things into perspective for me. Every time I'm feeling sorry for myself, I'll remember your post. Guys like you and Alex Zanardi are a true inspiration!

Well, There's snow on the ground here in the Pocono Mountains. First big snow of the season and I'm reflecting on what has been trying year. Some time ago I tried cleaning and oiling my K&N air filter after reading that with the Downforce Air Scoop installed they tend to get dirtier, faster. Apparently I over oiled it and that's when things started to go down hill. The latest in a number of frustrating woes is that the engine cuts out (hits a rev limiter) at 7200 RPM. My now former tech was trouble shooting according to the service manual procedure and identified a drop in oil pressure, which I thought was weird as I have the SOS Hi Volume oil pump with billet gears. I'm sad to say that he's just been a real disappointment . He claims that he's Honda Certified and I thought I had found someone that I could depend on. But as knowledgeable as he is, he's just not professional. He's a really nice guy, but he's unreliable and inconsistent. I can't deal with that. So...I'd had the front end wrapped a few months ago at NorthEast Autocraft in Dalton PA and they'll be handling the car from now on. I purchased an AEM Infinity ECU and harness, and I signed on to get the new TVS Supercharger from Science of Speed. Mine is due to ship by the end of January. My neighbor, NSX- Mugen, has offered a set of RC injectors, that I'll have cleaned and flow checked. I'll get the Walbro Hi Pressure fuel pumped and see where that takes me. I'm sure that Im not alone in saying that 2020 has been an absolutely sucky year....can't wait for Spring 2021...I'm believing that it'll be Much Better...for a whole lot of people! Wishing You and Yours an Especially Wonderful Holiday Season and The Best Year Ever in 2021!
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It will cut out early if the car is not warmed up all the way. Check that your thermostat is operating properly if it won’t get to operating temperature. Or Make sure the car is warm before you rev it out. Take that K&N and blow some of the oil off it with compressed air and clean your throttle body I’m sure it’s covered in oil.

I would get a 2nd opinion on the car. Sounds to me like the guy is trying to milk your wallet.
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Hey Drifter! Appreciate the thought....but I've got these forged pistons which, from what I understand, have to heat up and expand a bit, so I ALWAYS warm the car up before revving out. Funny thing is that the car will hit 8K during the first 20 minutes or so of operation. Believe me this has been seriously frustrating. But, with the new ECU I can get a solid diagnosis (I'll DEFINITELY clean the throttle body) and hopefully with the supercharger install, including the fuel pump and injectors. I should be up and running happily this spring. Maybe I'll even get to get my dusty ass back on a track....😃
I remember these threads on the Facebook group....

The consensus was you have an oil pressure problem and the ECU was protecting the engine in the only way it knows how: not letting you rev to 8k. The AEM ECU will not have these protections in place and doesn't even use the VTEC oil pressure switches. Good luck.
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I remember these threads on the Facebook group....

The consensus was you have an oil pressure problem and the ECU was protecting the engine in the only way it knows how: not letting you rev to 8k. The AEM ECU will not have these protections in place and doesn't even use the VTEC oil pressure switches. Good luck.

Yes! I recall that a really nice guy (I think it was Joe) mentioned that. Thanks for the 'Good Luck" wish. Frankly, I spoke with Tommie of RPM Tuning in Queens NY as I was considering them for the tune. I asked him about that. this was his reply:

I think you may have the wrong info. USDM Honda's have two switches / sensors on the vtec solenoid. (1) Vtec solenoid that will be used with AEM or similar engine management to trigger vtec. (2) Vtec oil pressure switch not used or necessary with aftermarket ecu. This same setup is factory in Japanese Honda's where they do not come with a vtec oil pressure switch. With the Aem the tuner will command vtec to activate @ a set rpm he chooses and this will activate vtec. There are a few more variables and conditions that will need to be met for the command to be active. MPH / Coolant Temp which also can be changed with the AEM but need to be functional.

Frankly, I am confident that I will get to the bottom pf that problem. I as I mentioned on that Facebook thread I was gonna ge the AEM Infiniti anyway, so....

Aside from finishing school this is my 2nd most important goal: To get this car running well and reliably once again, and "God Willing" get to an autocross or some track days...

Peace and Blessings All!

Hey Guys!
You may have seen my thread regarding my engine not revving beyond 72K RPM. The thread was posted on Facebook last year. Advisors in my degree program for Clinical Mental Health Counseling have suggested that it might be wise to cut back on my social media endeavors...So, here I am on the Original Prime Website!

I put the car away for the winter and have been in touch with the crew at Northeast AutoCraft near Clark's Summit Pa. I have the AEM Infiniti ECU with the proper wiring harness, and will get a Walbro fuel pump and a good friend has offered a set of used RC Injectors (I'll have them cleaned, flow tested etc.). In December I got in line to add the TVS Supercharger now offered by Science of Speed. Some have expressed doubt that the ECU will be able to diagnose the rev limiting issue, but I have reason to believe that it can. WHATEVER the problem is, oil pump, fuel pump or stuck pins in the VTEC Valve system, it will be revealed and corrected. I still hope to do some auto crossing with the car, and God willing, I'll be there with a Supercharged Gen1 NSX! Lord, I need just a little more time....

WEll, time has passed and my aspirations were held up as I went through an issue that had the engine stalling at 7200 RPM. I finally found a wire to the 02 sensor that had dropped and was laying on the exhaust pipe. Of course it had burned through and it was apparently causing one engine bank to run rich while sending a false signal to the ECU. Whatever, it was doing, the issue has been resolved! I was slow to pull the tigger and missed an opportunity to buy a "pre-owned' CT Supercharger. Turned out that was a good thing as I bought the new TVS Supercharger from Science of Speed. I had already purchased an AEM Infinity ECU hoping to diagnose this aforementioned engine stall. The SC is being installed this week by Joe at Northeast AutoCraft here in Dalton PA. I'm having the engine tuned by Jeff Evans Tuning. My tuning date is April 8th...I'm excited and Really Looking Forward to driving a fast and reliable car once again. I've read about Route 97 in upstate NY. It runs from Port Jervis to Hancock and I hear it a pretty amazing road, kinda like a northeast "Tail of the Dragon" but a bit longer...With things running smoothly maybe I'll catch some of you guys there this summer. Peace!
Problem Solved

thought you might like to know

Hey Guys! I FINALLY got an answer to this engine stall/cutoff at 7200 RPM. I did get the AEM Infinity ECU along with The New SOS Supercharger. I took it to a different technician (after an exhaustive search) for the install. I tell him about the engine stall. He calls me back with this (see photo attached) There was some kinda thrown together wire harness attached to the 02 sensor that had come loose and was laying against the exhaust pipes. Of course it burned through, shorting some wires. One (I think the rear) engine bank was running extremely rich, while the other was running clean and lean. He surmises that the burned wire in this harness was not only screwing up the 02 sensor function, but also sending a false signal to the ECU. In any event Problem Solved!!!