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13 January 2022
I'm in need of a supercharger for my '97 T. Was hoping to find a complete Comptech/CT Engineering kit. I know both are out of business, but was hoping a kit could be around. Would appreciate any guidance, and willing to pay top dollar. Thanks in advance!!
I have the entire CT kit, branny new. Purchased from Dali in February 2005. With the "high boost" pulley. I also bought the Camel GT (CT?) cams and springs to go with it. And, a spare engine to install them on. So, i have a spare engine, 3L, with the new CT SC kit installed with the cams, sitting on an engine stand since 2005. Rotated periodically. As the engine was not installed, the miscellaneous parts like the reverse-spin alternator and fuel pressure regulator and whatnot are still in the box with all the directions. The SC kit was over $9K in 2005. The cams were over $4K. The engine was $8K. Naturally, I have the SS hedders and RPG clutch, also to go with it. Top dollar eh? Think it over and let me know if you want to talk.