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28 August 2000
Peoria, Arizona, USA
Anyone spent the 10 grand it cost to supercharge their NSX ?
Was it worth that much money ?
you'll gain approx. 70rwhp alone on the supercharger. it certainly transforms the NSX to another beast. reliability is good too. I've been running the Comptech SC for over almost a year now with no problems what so ever.

nothing on the NSX is exactly cheap. $$ cost is relative...
nothing on the NSX is exactly cheap. $$ cost is relative...[/B][/QUOTE]

How true, it's always been the case of how fast you go is in proportion to the money you spend. But 10 grand is a lot for 70 HP.
Thanks for your feed back, it's much appreciated.
The classic quote on this subject comes from the film Dirty Mary and Crazy Larry: "Speed cost's money. How fast do you want to go?"
However in the case of the NSX I think the costs go up exponentially.