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Switzerland: Where are the Swiss NSX owners?

12 November 2020
Central Switzerland
Grüezi & Salue
Suisse Svizzera GIF by Switzerland Tourism

.... and Hello there,
i`ve noticed a lack of swiss NSX gatherings on here. . 🧐

Would be great, if we could manage to get a list, in what region each one of you is located and maybe there might be some meetings possible😎
You are also free to add some pictures :sneaky:

I will start:

Gordon S - 95 Targa Midnight Purple - Seetal/Freiamt (LU)
[Name] - [Car] - [Region]


edit: forgot the car pic
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Asylum, Vully / 3 lakes region. Red '91 for the street and red '92 for the track.



I know some other people here or on Insta/FB.

- deylo on nsxprime.
- Sebastien, a French guy living in Zurich who bought my GT-One 5.1 exhaust.
- Sebastien from VS.
- Laurent, a relative from Sebastien, also from VS.
- Frédéric from FR, who is finalising an abandonned NSX that he is restoring from some years. Met him at the last NSX Club Europe meeting.
- Marcel from VD that I met in an oldtimer meeting last year.
- tony_2jzgte on Insta. He has a garage in GE.
- blackbirdnsx on Insta. ZG plates.
I'm around GE most of the time even tough I live just across the border :)
There are at least 2 other NSX (both silver NA1) that I know around here (Annemasse/Gaillard). My Honda mechanic also works on a 2002+ NA2 from time to time, but now it's sleeping in a garage ...
I ve met two NSX owners on each HondaHolics-"Ride".

The owner of Honda Garage Boswil ( https://www.hondaholics.com/article/77-hondaholics-honda-cruise/ )

Only online on hondaholics.ch afaik ( https://www.hondaholics.com/article/99-honda-tour/ )

There was also an NSX owner on JapanClassics ( https://www.hondaholics.com/article/97-japanclassic-2022/ )

On the Jap. Car Meet in Lucerne, he was on it. ( https://www.hondaholics.com/article/88-japanese-car-meet-ace-cafe-luzern-2021/ )

And at last, when there was a Hondaholics Presentation of the new CTR (FL5) in ZG, this apeared out of nowhere:
NSX-R NA1 <3



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Grimsel - Furka - Oberalp - Lukmanier
Meal in a grotto in Ticino
Nufenen - Grimsel

Or something like that. What do you think for a Swiss meet this summer ?
You guys had a great meetup when a bunch of our US owners went over for a Ring ride and maybe some Spa action..
I guess some have left this earth like Gold...
Hello, thank you for your inquiry...Yes, I'm also an absolute fan of this car...I don't use this forum very much myself....I'm definitely up for one or the other trip.... A long time ago there were still activities here in Switzerland…..Grüessli
Grimsel - Furka - Oberalp - Lukmanier
Meal in a grotto in Ticino
Nufenen - Grimsel

Or something like that. What do you think for a Swiss meet this summer ?

That would be a long day with great views 😏😎

But since I ve got the sense, the most of us are in the western region, I would say, a meeting should be more like around BE, SO or JU?
Open to all kind of propositions. We can meet somewhere near Meiringen. That's central either from Bern or from Luzern through Brünig. From there options are big, small tour (Grimsel, Furka, Susten) or longer options to Ticino (that was a bit the food addict option).
Could not find anything official...

awesome to see you guys doing this event!
I’m not from Switzerland, but I had to let you guys know that I’m envious of the scenery in some of your pictures. Beautiful.