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T-shirt blowout

24 March 2007
Shirt Blowout!!

We are making room for winter clothing and want to get rid of these items.

Give them to fiends, family, kids, etc! Holidays are fast approaching!

Quote Shirts-2012 design
5 Small - $14.90
2 XXL - $17.00

All prices are shipped to Cont. US EACH.

I Love NSX-2011 design
6 Med - $14.90
4 Small - $14.90
All prices are shipped to Cont.US EACH

EVEN BETTER DEAL - Buy two of any of the above for $23.00 shipped to Cont. US

We accept PayPal, Visa, MC, Discover

PayPal is [email protected]

Please post below with your order so we know what is left on the list. Thanks!
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Re: T-shirt BLOWOUT!

Got any quote shirts left in medium?

Re: T-shirt BLOWOUT!

As Jay Leno used to say in his old Doritos commercials: "Don't worry, we'll make more."


Re: T-shirt BLOWOUT!

Just sent $17 for a XXL Quote in black.

you have sent $17.00 USD to ERX2 LLC.
I'll take one with the quote in small. will paypal you now.


Bump! I have a couple left!

I heart NSX t shirts

3 small
1 medium

Quote shirts
4 Small
2 2xl

$13.00 Shipped Each!

How small is the small Quote Design one?


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I can't believe I missed out on this shirt! When's the new stuff comin?
I can't believe I missed out on this shirt! When's the new stuff comin?

Been working on the 2013 design. Actually have a graphic designer on board helping too. It should be amazing. Probably release it in February.
Thanks Brian for producing the shirts for the NSX community.
I purchased 2 shirts that just happened to be in the sizes the wife and I needed.
Great deal and we will be happy to let everyone know we are proud owners........

I am looking forward to new designs in the future.

Thanks again,
Gene Greer