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Taking a poll part 2

15 December 2000
Does the NSX look better at stock height or lowered? Also which do you prefer, the OEM seven spoke wheels or aftermarket wheels?
never believed in lowering a car...... However, I just lowered mine after 2 years and it looks awesome!!!!!! And, of course, aftermarket wheels....the stock ones are horrid (any of them) as with every car's stock wheels...


Todd Arnold
The stock wheels from 91-3 are the best looking ones and I prefer the stock height. This is simply my good taste or it could be because I am broke. I think the 94+ wheels are okay too.
Though I happen to be one of those pro-stock guys (i.e. I keep saying that I'm not gonna mod mine), I have to admit the NSX looks meaner when lowered an inch, especially when running with 17's up front and 18's in the rear. One of these days I may consider to do so myself...but for now I'm happy with a totally stock NSX.

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."

Lowered, because wheel well gap is nasty! But to much is no good too! Remember that "low rider" NSX from SEMA someone posted a pic of?

Aftermarket wheels, no way will I ever roll stocks!

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Am I the only one to see the practical side of this thread? My stock '91 has only 5 1/4" of ground clearance at the spoiler. I scrape on most speedbumps, driveway transitions, and culverts and have to drive defensively in this regard at all times. How do those of you who lower your cars manage to escape body damage?