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TCS switch...please help. :(

26 November 2004
Hello all, my TCS off switch on my '92 has quit working on me! When I press the button, the little light that shows up on the dash does not light up and the little light on the switch does not turn on either. I know that just a few months ago, it worked fine. Is there a fuse or something that could have blown? I can't imagine that a switch that I seldom ever use (or have ever used for that matter other than to test) would go bad.

Any help would be appreciated as I need to turn off the TCS to do the DEQ emissions testing!!! (hopefully this won't be a spend fix...:(

Thank you in advance...

I had the same problem. Ended up replacing the switch after conducting major diagnosis. I took the switch apart. Real simple innards but it seems the contacts points can easily fail. I got a good discount at the local Acura delaer but it was relatively costly. You'll have to remove the lower dash padding et al to replace it. There's several DIY articles on this subject in the forum
I've got the same problem too...sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't...I actually have to press it a few times to get the TCS switch on/off... :confused:

btw, what parts did you replace?
Thank you for the reply Kitaka. In order to remove the switch then I will have to remove the buttons on the other side for the pop up lights right? I was tinkering around down there and had the panel almost completely removed, but could not manage to remove the plugs on the other side to completely remove the panel. Will I have to do this to get at the switch?

Thanks again for the replies...hopefully I can get this worked out. ;)

wswen said:
I have the same problem. When you push the :confused: TCS button should it have a definite click on / off to it?

It is just a push button - it is not a mechanical lock on. It pushes down and releases without any click on/off. You tell by the light coming on.