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Thank you Dali Racing

18 June 2005
Austria / Europe
I needed a new windshield for my USDM 1991 NSX due to a rock chip and my local Honda dealer here in Europe could not get the correct part number. I don’t know what the difference is between a USDM and an EDM windshield – color of the tinting, cutout for the VIN number, just the manufacturer – but since I wanted to make sure my windshield has the same color as the rest of my glass, I wanted the correct USDM part number.

Dali Racing ordered the correct part, custom-made a box so that it could safely be shipped across the ocean, and sent it to me. I’ve never seen a part as well packaged as that windshield. It came in a double-walled cardboard box lined with a neoprene rubber-like material and then filled with self-expanding foam. It was a shame to throw that box away. Thank you for the windshield and for the rest of the parts in the box. And for all the other parts I've ordered in the past 15 years.