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Thanks to all Kids' Day participants

28 March 2002
Another year, another great turnout for Kids' Day at Watkins Glen. This annual event has become a staple in the Northeast calendar due to the efforts of Peter Mills in bringing this worthy cause to our attention. He mentioned it several years ago and a few of us went but word has spread and each year we get fresh faces to drive the children around the track.

I won't list everyone who came (mainly because after two long days and a 270 mile "commute") so I don't offend anyone if I leave them out. But we had participants from NY, CT, PA, NJ, Florida and even Kansas (thanks to MarkB!) and I hope Peter has the complete list of attendees.

After some much needed sleep, I hope to post some photos taken by Susan Moore but for now here is a photo of part of the group (many apologies to anyone left out of the photo and to Ron Witt for blocking his pristine NSX with the usual riff raff).

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Looks like you had a GREAT day and I'm sure SOME of the KIDS were SMILING too:biggrin:

I'll be back next year and I think this time I'm gonna let Josh drive:eek:
A great event only made better by a great group of people. The Original Don had a fantastic time and commented often how fortunate I am to have such a terrific group of friends.
I had a blast.Lots of laughs(the best medicine)!Great weather,good turnout,and Larry B to diagnose any errent cels!:cool: And now I can sleep at night knowing that Dave wears Hanes:eek:
What do I enjoy most about this event? The drive to and from the track is beautiful. Hanging with you guys is GREAT. And driving on the track while putting smiles on a few faces has it's rewards.
It was as good as it gets. If you missed it, well... you missed it.
And a big thanks to Peter M. You know what for buddy! :)
I'd like to acknowledge the following particiapants for attending Kid's Day at Watkins Glen:
Mark & Diana Bartlett, Kansas
David & Susan Moore, Florida
Gene Lim, NJ
Bob Maurer, NJ
Jon Liegner, NJ
Don & Dad Lebentritt, NJ
Roger Matles, NY
Bob Ondrovic, NY
Larry & Brian Bastanza, NY
Gary Sommer, NY
Ron & Ron jr. Witt, NY
Sylvia Mills, NY
Larry & Craig Gauthier, PA
Gerald & Jeb Johnson, PA
John Iannone, PA
Dennis Arner, PA

Non Memebrs:
John , Karen & Nicholas, DeFini, NJ
John Bulbulia, NY

Thanks to all.
what a great event!!!!

thanx everyone for the good time, & friendship. getting to
meet the fine kids & counselors from camp good days
and special times
made our time together even nicer.

a special shout out to gary sommer esq for the sprint on
the track, & giving me yet another reason to go fast. very nice driving my
friend!!! look out docjohn...:biggrin:

and thank you, mr senior member for allowing us to help you, ya dun goood!:smile:

Had a great time with all of you. Especially enjoyed dinner chat with Bob and Jon. Glad you enjoyed the ride but I think Doc John is safe (he's good). Special thanks to Larry B. for his help. Any one besides Peter and myself going to the Glen for the Apex event(8/2 & 8/3) or Trackmasters((9/4 & 9/5).