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The Andrie Report

4 April 2002
Sacramento CA
How did it go? Did all the important parts stay on the car? Bet your belts were loose after bouncing over those tracks a few times, huh? What was it really like? It looked painful and expensive.
It was quite an experience. We managed to stay clean through practice and qualifying with net me the result of 7th place and Telly at 12th. In the race I decided to push hard, gained a position at the start and a couple more throughout the race. I was running 4th place and slowly catching up to 3rd place. With podium finish on sight, I pushed even harder and at lap 15th bounced off the tire wall at Turn 6.

With the front fender pushed in, right mirror and rear bumper missing I went to the pit and radioed my crew to expect me shortly. My crew performed flawlessly for the needed repair and promptly sent me out to rejoin the field. I salvaged the weekend finished in 14th place of what could probably a podium finish. My crew told me I should have settled for 4th place and bring the car home. But the competitiveness in me and watching the 3rd place guy in sight got the best of me.

All in all, it was a great event. We got good TV coverage and mentioned the most over the PA due to nice passing and manuever. My sponsors who came to watch me was really happy and anxious about the next event.

I missed the NSX guys support, though ;)
Good job. Made a pass on that track? :eek: That's a medium sized miracle.

Was it telecast live? Will it be on again?
Re: The Andrie and Telly Report

Congrats to you too, guy.

So, tell us more about the field. What were you driving? This was World Challenge and a regular series race like at Infineon? Can we see the charts and times on their website?
Ted - this was a regular points race in the USTCC (US Touring Car Championship). The field is mostly touring cars (Civic, Mini, RSX, Integra, WRX, Mazda6, Celica, BMW 3-series, etc) and I drove Eddie Lee's BMW 328is.

Here are the qualifying & race charts with laptimes.



Andrie qualified 7th and was in 4th place until his incident. I qualified 12th and was in 7th place with 5 laps to go when a lapped Mini Cooper pointed me by, but then for some reason, he punted me into the wall at the next turn.

Here are some pics:

Man, you guys are having major Cargasm!!!

Thanks for the links. I was trying to figure out if Andrie was in the Speed Touring car series or ???

Good Luck guys
Ahem - is that "A Art..." above the door? But then, who's looking at the car???


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