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The end of my misery (almost)

26 September 2000
Portland, OR
A little background on my problem first. I buy a s/c NSX (see signature) and it's SLOW. Turns out it has a Dinan chip which could be causing detonation. I remove the Dinan and it's FAST. A bearing breaks in the s/c and the s/c is replaced by Comptech (the part was free--more about Comptech later). The new s/c is installed by Acura of Portland. The car is SLOW as ever. I lose a drag race to Edo's 3.0L NSX which has only a K&N.

To fix the problem once and for all, I drive 20 hours round trip to Comptech in Sacramento. Shad, their NSX guru, immediately finds that the adjustable fuel pressure regulator was not installed properly. The engine was being fed a lot air with no fuel to match it. This scares me, because I averaged 90 mph (probably about 4500-5000 rpm with the ring and pinion) on the trip down and was running LEAN the whole time.

Shad correctly plumbs the fuel regulator and dyno's the car. It peaks at 315 rear wheel horsepower. The expected output with my parts is 310-325, so this is a good sign. There's one quirk, however--it redlines at 7800 rpm (redline should kick in at 8200 rpm). This is probably due to an ECU I bought of Ebay for $20. Shad looks for a good stock ECU on site but can't find one.

Once back in Portland, I street race 4 modified Mustangs and easily beat them all. The margin I beat them with predicts a 1/4 mile time of roughly 13.0 seconds. A good chip should help me pick up .2 seconds. The car has finally realized its potential (if only 90% for now).

I've chronicled my story for anyone considering a s/c install. Many s/c's have been trouble and headache free. But, as you can see from my history (3 trips to the Acura dealer; 1 to Comptech; 35 hours of my time) the s/c can make owning your NSX VERY complicated.

Be sure your dealer has an NSX tech with s/c experience. But don't expect much. I took mine to the best NSX tech in my area and he could not diagnose the initial ECU problem, nor could he properly plumb the adjustable fuel pressure regulator with the new s/c. All of this from a guy who's installed 5 superchargers.

Comptech, though, was EXCELLENT to work with. Great service and a great product. After a visit to their shop, I understand why they can justify their prices. There were at least 4 IRL V8 engines I saw, and Parker Johnstone's CART car was there! I'm very impressed with their operation.

So, if you want to go supercharged, go for it. Just be aware of what you're getting into.

Red (w/ red top) '91. Comptech Supercharger. RM headers. Comptech exhaust. Short ratio gears. Ring and Pinion swap. RM racing suspension. 18/17 wheels/tires.

'98 Viper GTS. Red with no stripes. Stock.
Glad to hear it worked out.

The most experienced supercharger installer in the country is Mark Basch of Basch Acura Service in Phoenix. You can reach him at [email protected] He has installed over 30 of them and knows more about them than anyone outside of Comptech (and maybe inside as well). And he's willing to travel anywhere in the country, and give you great prices (parts AND labor), particularly if you can put together a group deal among owners in your area for several SC's to be installed.
NSXTACY is correct, Mark Basch is the man. He flew in and put in the CTSC and couple weeks later took it to the dyno and got 334rwhp with the 6 psi kit. I would think Mark is going to be a busy man installing S2000 blowers.
So Multisync, does that mean I cant brag about "That day I beat a S/c'd NSX?" anymore?
*sigh* oh well.
Maybe next summer we can go for a rematch, and see how much faster your car is..

By the way, I remember you complaining about how quiet the Comptech Exhaust is. I cant remember if the Supertrapp's hold up to the Superchargers or not but I bet you'd really like the sound.

And uh, on a side note, I do have a Dali Clutch and Superlight Flywheel on my car..not *just* the K&N Filtercharger..

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I am astonished to hear that anyone passing themselves off as a competent mechanic of any sort could not figure out the fuel regulator was installed incorrectly. It is a really simple system. Also, how could they have thoroughly diagnosed your car and not noticed it was running very lean? Ten seconds with an exhaust monitor would have nailed that, not to mention that the fuel system is the first place to start looking when a forced-induction car is not making the power it should. I would be hesitant to let them touch my car again.

Glad to hear you are happy with Comptech. They have always done good work for me and it is clear the problems were do to the incompetence of others and not them.
Whoa hang on here..lets not dog on Morgan @ Acura of Portland. I've found him to be competent, courteous, hard working and very detail oriented. Now I dont know the situation with Multisync, but from what I understand Morgan did not in fact do any sort of analysis, on Multisync's car. All that was done was a swap of the actual supercharger unit. I spoke to Morgan about the s/c, and he said that the previous person who installed the S/C did a really sloppy job. I find him to be one of the best mechanic's that I have had the pleasure of working with, So don't bag on my mechanic!!