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The long story of how I got my nsx

12 May 2007
Wichita, KS
Well now that everything is finally done. I feel like I can share this story.

Last year around august I decided I could finally afford to buy my NSX. I shopped around and found one for sale here that was within a few hours. I will leave the members name out of this because well its done and over with so i dont feel like dragging him through the mud. Anyhow we make the deal, I pick up the car, drive it home. I go to get the car tagged and guess what? The name on the title isnt the name of the person I bought it from (same first name, different last names.) So kansas refuses to title it, i call the seller and explain it to him and he says he dosent want to spend the 800$ to get it tagged and gives me the original sellers name. After 2 months of emails and phone calls I finally get ahold of the original seller and explain to him the situation and he is infuriated.

Turns out he sold the car to the person I bought it from because he screwed up his back real bad. He sold the car to the person I bought it from for 21k$. The person I bought it from flipped the car to me in less then 4 weeks time for 30k$. So after 7 months of paying for my car, i finally got it tagged and legally in my name. Finally got the new clutch installed and everything is shiny! Now to do the valve adjustment and wp/timing belt and then shes off to the paint booth.

Lesson learned here, always check credentials and dont ever take anyones word for it.

Oh and big thanks to Tim Moresch for hooking me up with a great clutch at a great price!!!!

I'll have pics of the tear down and rebuild of the tranny and motor. My friends Jeremy and Jeff at Carstar collision here in wichita sacrificed there weekend to help me install the new clutch for the price of a case of beer and some pizza. They are top notch! :biggrin:
Sorry to hear the trouble you went through. The good side is that you actually own an NSX now! $21 to $30 grand is a lot, but it probably cost about that much to fix it, right?

As always, Buyer beware! Never assume that everything as it appears. Take the time to examine the car and the documents. Unfortunately for you it sounds like the seller was less than an ethical person. He knows what he did.
funny thing is i dont know why they would not title it for you... the 2nd guy (flipper) is/has no obligation to title the car if he does not intent to drive the car.

i think the same first name thing maybe made them thing something was fishy???

FWIW i have done the same thing as your middle guy many times, I buy a car, hold it for awhile fixing many little things and then resell. I never title them in my name and I have never had an issue yet...

glad you got it worked out, seems like you paid prime money for a car your spending so much "extra" on though, with the fixes and such
well i spent 30k$ for a 91 black on black with 74k miles on it. Its in really great shape (well appeared to be) but the clutch went out about 2 months after buying it. After this weekend i replaced the clutch, water pump, timing belt, valve adjustment, and most the gaskets. Its running better then ever now. Jeff at carstar went over the car while it was sitting over night and pointed out that the car has been resprayed, and not very well. It looks like someone tried to cover up some hail damage on the back end and did a crappy job. And they only "glassed" the paint on the top of the car not the sides. So he's going to go over the car after hours and see what he can do about fixing some of the paint (he's not going to respray it or anything, but see about working the paint as best he can. Of course he's doing all this off the books and not charging me a dime (he's one hell of a friend). But over all, yeah alot of BS and crap to go through to get my nsx, and I probably paid more then I should have, but every time i get in that car and drive it i dont care. Its an nsx, and its mine, and I love it!