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The story of NSX

Great video find. The drawing showing the "superb visibility design" is something I've really come to appreciate more and more over the years. That still seems to be neglected with today's offerings ... but man, those short crash test sequences to assess crash test worthiness made me flinch!
Those who refered the NSX's basic body with regards to the windows comparing it to a fighter jet felt like a gimmick back in the day but is underappreciated now. Most modern cars have crazy fat C pillars with little to no rear quarter glass so they actually NEED backup cameras while the 90s hondas dont even have blind spots.
In most cars you don't feel like visibility is so incredible you could look out the windshield and see your toes LOL!
One of the best NSX videos I have ever seen.

My favorite quote: “When you look at the NSX today, it’s almost quaint, but that’s because you’re looking thru the lens of every supercar and sportscar that it made possible”