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This is a scam, correct?

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19 August 2006
Redlands, CA
I'm 99% sure this is a scam, but I wanted the opinion of Prime.



I like to do business in person, but my job allows me not.. Total price is $ 2300. All costs are covered! I'm not opposed to see the car but as I told you before the car is already at DAS in Phoenix, Arizona it's sealed in a container with all the papers inside. I already covered all the shipping and handling costs, I paid the fees to use this Program...and now?...I can't permit to uncrate the car because that will cost me another $800.. Let me explain you now how this eBillme Shop Secure works. First I have to open a case with your name and your address. After that, they will contact you with an Invoice and also by phone( The Agent who handle our Transaction will assist you during this period ). You will have to pay for the car price directly to them, not to me and they will keep the funds until you decide if you want to keep the car or not ( the 5 day inspection period ).
I will have to make a reservation at DAS and pay prior to have the car shipped. In 1 to 3 working days the car will arrive at your home address with the original title, bill of sale, plates, paper work, etc. After you test it, check it by a mechanic, you will have to announce them that you want to keep the car or not! If YES you will have just to register the car on your name...if NO I will have to pay for the shipping again and get my car back! There are no hidden fees or something like that!
So, if you agree with the terms and conditions of eBillme Shop Secure please get back to me with your full name, full shipping address along with your home/cell # and I will get everything started as soon as possible. eBillme will contact you then with further instructions.
Let me know.
VIN: #JT2DE82A9W1002185
Hey, now...be nice. I'm in the off-topic section, and looking for an opinion.
I'm in the off-topic section, and looking for an opinion.

Not open for further replies.