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This is the General forum


I think this new General Forum is a great idea. I think it will go well for the site and become one of the more popular sections of the forum ;).
Do you have to be a General to post here? :confused: :biggrin:
More of a Colonel rank forum...not quite General. :wink: :biggrin:
Now the question is.....Who on that list is still active and an owner..:confused:
Click here to see who was around to read the first post in this topic when it was first posted. ;)
You're a legend! About to hit 25k posts. :eek:

Damn I'm old school LOL

Looks like this was also you?

I wonder what happened to "New NSX Driver"? :confused:
I'm on page 10 with that metric.at least I'm before MJ,Wei-Shen and Gary:wink: