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This sounds like a scam...

4 February 2000
Chicago IL
...but it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.

I've got several sets of OEM NSX wheels for sale. In addition to the post on NSXprime, I've also got a post on craigslist.

I received the following e-mail in response to the craigslist listing:

e-mail said:
Hello thanks for getting back to me, and am okay with the price and the
condition and i will like to make an outright purchase of this item
immediately because i noticed that you just posted the it and am sure
many people would be mgith be interested in it,so i anticipate that a
cashier check or certified check will be sent to you via express mail or
fedex as the mode of payment,concerning the pick up, i will be
responsible for that, well my mover will come for the pick up at your
location upon your confirmation of receiving the payment and i want you
to remove the item's AD from Craigslist to asure of me of the sale,also
i have some other packages the the sipping agent will be picking for me
around your location which i would prefer they pick everything up with
your item on the same day.
I would have really loved to come and take a look at it first but
due to my work frame that wont give me time to make it possible...I will
like you to provide me the following information below so i can pass it
to my secretary so she can mail out the payment to you as soon as

1...................full name
2..................full home address
3.................zip code

Available for sale?
There are all kinds of red flags here. For one thing, it's the first time I'm hearing from this person; I did not get back to her. It sounds like a block of text that's been copied into umpteen e-mails, and makes no mention of the wheels. And, of course, the whole "I'll mail you the check and send the movers" is not how things are usually done on craigslist, where most transactions are completed in person.

But I'm still trying to figure out the purpose of the scam. For one thing, we're not talking about large amounts of money ($225), so it seems hardly worth it, either for the money itself or for the item (wheels). I don't see why it matters to them whether the craigslist ad is removed. And it's not like they're asking for highly confidential information like a bank account number. Maybe it's one of those scams where they try to gain your trust and then ask for a favor involving something of greater value (e.g. can you accept a $5000 cashiers check and give me the change in cash)? That's the only thing I can think of - that it's a scam but their ultimate objective isn't apparent until you reply.

I'd love to hear what others might think this person is up to, and how they intend to proceed. (I don't believe that they are seriously interested in the wheels, and I don't intend to reply unless someone can convince me otherwise.)
The fact that the whole body of that message is only two sentences would set off a red flag for me:eek:. I'd ignore it.
That's just the "hook". Once you reply then they start reeling you in. The story will change. They have learned to string you along first, get you to invest time and energy and then comes the scam. Hitting you with the scam upfront scares off all their leads.

Aha! Perfect - thanks!

Link 1
Link 2

Can confirm, I just received one worded pretty much like this on a motorcycle I'm selling. The first email they sent was asking if it was still for sale, the follow up was that copy and paste job. They stangely never refer to what they are buying directly, always the "item" or "it" which for me always gives it away.
Unless they are LOCAL, willing to meet, and carry CASH, don't ever bother.

I'm trying to sell some camera equipment on CL, I've received 14 replies in the last 4 days - 13 which were bogus scammers and one which is legit, yet that person seems to be a flake and on the fence about buying.

Time to have some fun with the scammers. Give them an address in Nigeria. ;)
He could not even be bothered to change the word "item" to "wheels"... Lazy scammer. :biggrin:
I ran into a scammer on CL when I inquired about an "item" for sale (I think it was a stroller). The seller emailed me back saying that she already sold it, but in an attempt at consolation, gave me a link to an online business opportunity. Without clicking it, I googled the link and sure enough, scam.