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Time to say "Goodbye"....

13 November 2001
Nesconset, NY USA
Well my friends, I hate to say this but after 10 years of dreaming of owning an NSX, my wish came through in November of 2001. I bought a brand spanking new NSX-T in Grand Prix White. I loved the car and put 2,500 miles on it in two months. My wife was terrified of the car and never wanted to ride in it. She felt unsafe because of the road height, engine behind her, no room in the back to store anything......afraid an SUV was going to back over us or a tractor trailer squash us on the highway. My "pleasure" rides turned into short trips to the mall.
In order to be able to travel together on road trips I sold my beloved Acura. I replaced it with a 2002 Lexus SC430. The Lexus is a great car and I really love driving it. My wife loves it as well. It's a blast to put the top down and cruise around it. It has every creature comfort and gadget imagineable. It's built like a swiss vault.
Do I miss my NSX ? You're damn right I do !!
Anyway, I may only post once in awhile, but you can bet your butts I'll be "lurking" on this site everyday !
Thanks to all who answered my questions and helped me enjoy those two months of ownership even more so (Gene Greer out west, Mark Johnson, Peter Mills, and a host of others).

I wish I could own both the Lex and the NSX together. If I had a three car garage....I would.

Hope to see you fellas on the road one day.

Best regards,

Speaking as a single male:

"Drop the wife, keep the NSX!"

how did you make out on trade-in price?
As far as the swap, here's how it went from the beginning:

- Paid $69,500 cash for the NSX
- The price on the Lexus after negotiations was $60,000.
- Got $66,000 for the NSX
- Lexus covered all the title fees, luxury tax, pinstriping, etc.
- Lexus took the NSX and cut me a check for

I guess the only loss was the sales tax I paid on the Acura to begin with. Anyway, I look at it as "breakeven"....sorta......kinda
As far as you guys "not getting away with something like that"......yeah right.
Originally posted by Larry:
As far as you guys "not getting away with something like that"......yeah right.

Got two letters for you Larry: P. W.

Fact is, many (most?) of the folk on this board are married (myself included). Does my wife like the NSX? Not particularly. But she knows better than to compel me to sell it.

Tough love, Larry, but there ya' go...

-Bob ('94 #496, 'til death do us part)
I don't know what else to say the others haven't...but no flame intended but if it were me...there's no way in hell! She's got her car...and when I get an NSX that will be mine.

Luckily my wife likes driving an NSX. ^_^ Otherwise I'd have to go alot of places alone.

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That's to bad Larry I talked to my Wife before I bought my 91 and she new this was my dream Car since day one...So the only problem I had was trying to convince Her that paying close to 30K for a 91 was a good deal and She finally said just get one Yeah!!!

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory
Originally posted by Larry:
Well my friends, I hate to say this but after 10 years of dreaming of owning an NSX, my wish came through in November of 2001. I bought a brand spanking new NSX-T in Grand Prix White. I loved the car and put 2,500 miles on it in two months.---

Well, enjoy the Lexus anyway. My wife has never driven our '96 T but says she feels extremely confortable and safe in the car, so we enjoy our leisure trips enormously. From my perspective I have never driven a car which provides such an incredible feeling of effortless speed, control and safety.

Bon Chance KIWICannuck
Originally posted by NotFast:
Speaking as a single male:

"Drop the wife, keep the NSX!"


Speaking as a married male:

The NSX is technically my wife's car, and she drives it on the street and at the track every bit as well as me or any "single males".

You just need to find the right wife.

Actually...... I did lose the long term girlfriend over my car. She kept saying I got it to pick up other women. Nothing was further from the truth. I got it for myself, and us to have fun with. To make a long story short, a 5 year relationship ended in 3 months due to someones lack of self confidence. I understand your decision. I just choose the car instead.:) Luckily I own a truck which makes moving someone out easier!!
i didn't even tell my wife that i was buying one till i pulled it into my garage,walked into house and said,"honey come check out my new car",all she said was,"what the hell is it",and that was that!
Fella's, our friend Randall here is a perfect example of a man with BIG FREAKIN HAIRY BALLS! Way to go man! It's easier to get forgiveness than permision eh!
I can't say much, mine little hairless balls are sitting on her nightstand in a jar! But damnit, I used to be like Randall.........then I met my wife!
One day I'll come home, kick the door in with my johnson swinging, and say, "hey woman, come out here and check out my new car!" Then I'll slowly pack my shit in it and leave quietly after she hits me with a rolling pin.
Barn Man...
I'm happy to say that mine was the opposite experience. I had always wanted an NSX, but never seriously thought about buying one. Thanks in part to everyone in the forum, I did my research and realized that it was more affordable and easier to maintain than I had thought.

When my wife first sat in it at the dealer (she doesn't drive a manual), I was still hesitating when she said "Buy it!" End of story
I bought my wife a Lexus SC430 and I found it to be a very special car. Very solid and pretty zippy. The navigtor system and Mark Levinson (sp) sound system are the BEST. The roof is slick. My wife traded a 1998 M3 BMW conv for the SC430. She loves the "thumbs up" she get from everybody, but the Lexus simply does not handle like her M3. The car was not made to handle like an M3 or zip like a sports car. It was not made for the rocket boy group. Its market is 50 year old men making $150K who might have bought a MB 500SL. Over all she still likes her car. I think it is nothing like my 1998 NSX-T. I love my NSX much, much more. I think it is the BEST and if you have read my other comments you know that I have compared it to really fine cars. The reality is that the Lexus SC430 is a real jewel of a car, but the NSX is THE sports car of cars.

Well that's just great. Ruins my "piano parking lot concept" at the NE NSX events.
Sheeeze! Good luck and I hope you come and say hello at one of the NE Events anyway.
Larry, say goodbye, no not you Larry I mean Larry.
None of the 20 yr old Barbie Dolls I hang around with mind being my passenger seat-meat. Maybe they will grow out of their childish stupidity one day & realize its a bad idea?
yeah randall!!! it must be a kansas city thing. after a year of bringin it up i just told her i was probably gonna buy one, she asked me to buy a harley instead. and a week later i had my nsx in the garage. all she ever said was, "well, it is a pretty car".
Larry, I hate to say this but I think you've made a big mistake. Your wife said:
>>She felt unsafe (in the NSX) because
>>of the road height, engine behind her

And that to make her feel safe you replaced the vehicle with the new Lexus hardtop-convertible. But the NSX is one of the safest cars made -if not THE safest- according to reports seen at several NSXPO's and published in NSX Driver, while convertibles are notoriously UNSAFE because they lack the structure (roof) that connects the front to the rear of the car. So your wife might be happy but she is less safe in the Lexus. Did she want to discuss any of this or was it a gut reaction - low car = unsafe?
Well guys, thanks for the comments. I still know I did the right thing.
As far as being P.W, sorry to disappoint you but I'm not. The Mrs. did not balk at all when I plunked down $70K+ in cold hard cash to buy the Acura. Nor did she oppose when after two months I traded it.
As far as fitting the Lexus profile......I'm over 50 (by two years) and am in the income bracket.
I'm a happy camper all the way around !

I ordered an SC430 before I bought my NSX. It came in and I walked around the car for about 2 hours trying to like it. Turned it down and found my NSX.

I really don't understand why they call the SC430 a "sports" car. The difference in driving it and an NSX is so different that it's funny.

I see about 3 or 4 of the SC's "floating" here almost every day. I just can't stand the looks of it from the rear (pregnant pig). The front is ok but not exciting. I do like the looks from the side, especially with the top up. It is the only convertible I've seen that looks better with the top up.

Not flaming your decision, I just think you're crazy. My wife has never driven our NSX (I have tried to get her to), but she loves riding in it.

Good luck with you new car.

'00 Candy Apple Blue / Black, #264
You guys are crack ups! And Barn Man you have the funniest set of warped phrases I have seen yet!

When I got my 91 three years ago I told my ,then girlfriend (now fiance), that I was going to go look at an NSX... I had just purchased a SC400 and done a bunch of mods six months prior. She was not too happy when I called her up and told her that I put a deposit on it and would be needing help to drive me down to pick it up :)

Three years later and I still have it and, more importantly, I am still with my fiance. Larry, I am sure that we all respect your decision while some would have taken a different path. Now that I purchased a home (NSX first, Home second {Dumb I know}) I think I have driven the NSX 2 times in the last month. Priorities shift, but our love for this car probably will not.

Now spend that 6 grand you got back on the trade-in and put it towards a 3 car garage so that you can come back to us as a Real Man (kidding,... HA! ) :)

Good Luck Larry
Thank you Jeff for the kind words. And as for YOU Tabasco......I like that "pregnant pig" term. It does kinda look like that in a way. The Audi TT looks like a baby piglet when parked next to my Lex.

The NSX was the best looking car I've ever owned.

Sorry to hear you sold the NSX, but I am glad to see you will be hanging around the forum.

My girlfriend did not like the NSX when I first got it. We went on the Yakima Valley Wine Tour with the Porsche club and her feelings about the car changed. We met so many nice people that weekend - Florin, Chris Anders, Chris(SOS), and Goerge. We have been members of many clubs before, but we really enjoyed the NSX crowd the most.

I think it was letting her drive the car for a few hours through the Columbia Gorge riverside that did it for her. By the time we got to Columbia Crest she was asking about superchargers. Chris Anders took her for a ride. Now she knows.

I hope all goes well for you.


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