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New Owner Alert - 1992 Berlina Black NA1

20 May 2024
Bay Area, CA
Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd own an NSX... but here we are :cool:

15 years ago, my fully built Integra GSR got stolen and after that heart ache, I said I was done with the Honda scene. A few years later, I purchased a Lexus ISF and haven't stopped loving the power and reliability of that car. Fast forward to now, I am a new proud owner of a 1992 NA1 Berlina Black NSX with only 83k miles, clean title, 5 speed, everything is original with the exception of the KW coilovers and some exterior carbon goodies. I'm amazed how well this car has been kept over the past 32 years even though I'm the 5th owner. Plan is to drive her when I can, but I don't plan on racking up too many miles. Trying to preserve this piece of iconic history while I have it in my possession. Plus, its hard since the kids have to fight with my wife to see who gets to ride in the car lol good problem. Looking forward to learning about this platform and hopefully meeting some of you soon.

If you're on instagram, you can find me @ih8ricerz

BTW, I don't know how some of you are able to keep a black car so clean all of the time... seeing the dust kills me!!!

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welcome aboard, looks like a well kept car.
Welcome. I congratulated you on insta. I am unsafeatallspeed

GSF/ISF owner here as well. Ex GSR sedan owner as well. After my 91 crx black and 91 integra black - never a black car in my life.

God speed keeping it clean
Welcome to the forum and I'm sure that the more you drive your NSX, the more you'll like it. Looks like a beautiful well-kept specimen!

May be more mods than you think. Just in the photos you posted you also seem to have a lower front spoiler, carbon modded rear valence, and smoked black front & rear markers/signals. (Make sure those are still functional.) The front signals don't look stock either - sequential?
Thanks fellas!

Yeah, the car has a couple of tasteful mods - Seibon front lip (we'll see how long it takes until I destroy it on a driveway), rear valence, and wing, color matched Pride 02-05 style side skirts, KW coilovers, sequential turn signals (fully functional), led lights interior and exterior, Pride exhaust, Gruppe M intake, Prepreg dry carbon rear strut bar, and probably a couple of other small things that I've missed.

The handful of times I have taken her out for a drive, I can see everyone staring and already spotted a few people pull out their phones to take pics/record.
I have used mothers metal polish to average result, I think power tools would be in order as the human hand can not achieve the best results