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I run 215/45/17's and 285/30/18's with 32psi front and 38-40psi rear with good results. I should mention that I have racing swaybars and eibach springs with bilstein shocks. Good balanced feel with crisp turn in and very predictable handling through the turns. I've noticed that, for street driving, lower pressures make the car feel spongy in the turns and less stable. Hope this helps.
I'm in Portland and have been varying my tire pressure depending on the type of driving I'm doing.

I usually inflate my tires to 33-35/front and around 40-42 in the rear when I know I'm going to be "driving" the car. I feel a lot more of the road and it's tighter in the corners. When it's a little colder outside like today I use the lower numbers.

For normal cruising or highway driving I adjust my pressure down to 28-30 in the front and 33-35 in the rear. This might be a little lower than other people are running but I've been trying decrease the inner wear from freeway driving. So far it seems as thought the wear is much more even. On the down side given the grooved roads in Oregon I feel like I'm getting tossed around a lot when I have the pressure down. I hate it but I'm trying to get more than 7500 miles on this set of tires.