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Tire sizes

8 August 2001
So I was supposed to receive my new wheels in 17x8 front and 18x10 rear . Instead I had to change them to 18x9 rear . I already order my S-03 Pole positions in 215/45/17 front and 275/35/18 rear ( Tire Racks recomendation ) . Now that I have the 18x9s Should I down size the rears to 265/35/18 ? Also , If I stick with the above original setup will this work . I'm kinda worried about the 215/45/17 ,seems to be to thick ; but , the Tire Rack said that was the proper ratio . True ? My car is lowered 1 inch .
I think the norm for the front wheels, with your size wheel, is to run 215/40/17. For the rears, you might want to go down in size to the 265/35/18.

I'm sure others will chime in, especially those running similar setups, or who have more experience

If you own a newer NSX, I know the stock tire sizes are 215/45/16 and 245/40/17. So here are some diameters to compare:

215/45/16: 23.62 (stock)
215/45/17: 24.62 (tire rack suggested)
215/40/17: 23.77
205/40/17: 23.47

245/40/17: 24.72 (stock)
275/35/18: 25.58 (tire rack suggested)
265/35/18: 25.30
255/35/18: 25.02

I dunno, I'd go with 215/40/17 and 255/35/18 or the 265/35/18. You don't want the diameter to be much bigger than stock when you're lowered, don't want to rub. I definately would not get te 215/45/17's in the front. I'd definately go with the 215/40's. I don't think 275/35's will mount well on an 18x9, besides the diameter is way too big. I would go to 265's, maybe even the 255's to keep your diameter closer to stock.

What are your offsets? I know the 17x8's come in +44. Didn't even know they were making 18's in the GTP's. That is what you're getting right? I still wish I could get Volk SE37A's on my car.
This is from the FAQ page:

STOCK: 205/50-15 = 23.0709" tall
STOCK: 215/45-16 = 23.6181" tall
225/40-16 = 23.0866" tall (Dunlop SP8000's only $100 each)
215/40-17 = 23.7716" tall (Yoko AVS, about $145 each)


STOCK: 225/50-16 = 24.8583" tall
STOCK: 245/40-17 = 24.7165" tall
255/40-17 = 25.0315" tall (too many to list that are avalible)
255/35-18 = 25.0275" tall (Yoko AVS, about $300 each)

Hey, where you from in Maryland?

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Your front is wrong. You should run a 214/40-17.

Also, on the back, I would go with a 265/35-18. The 275 would have been fine on the 10" wheel, but it is a little to big for the 9" wheel.

What the guy at the Tire Rack was saying that the new sizes are almost exactly 1 inch larger than stock . But with the 215/40-17 and the 265/35-18 the ratio is quite different . This is driving me crazy . I just want the car to look and perform well with the new wheels . It wasn't this hard when I put wheels on my CRX . I need to get this straight .
Welcome to the club. Wheel and tire sizes for the NSX is a royal pain in the butt. IMHO the biggest of any related to the car, and the most critical

I've noticed that none of the above comments touch on handling. When you say you want it to perform well, what do you mean by that? Most of the combinations quoted are not ideal for the twisty bits (too much rear compared to front. Suspension tuning can help, but it’s better to start with reasonable tire sizes.), and an even bigger factor is what tires are available in the sizes you choose. Everything you gain in "performance" could be thrown away with the wrong tire. If straight-line performance is the main issue, then besides diameter ratio F/R (for the TCS) you need to look at overall diameter and how it impacts effective gearing. Bigger is slower. Then there is the effect of more weight, especially unsprung weight, and rolling resistance...

In other words, if you think you're frustrated now, try taking ALL the factors into account.

But I wish you good luck, and I'm interested to hear the results.
Originally posted by nsxtasy:
Your front is wrong. You should run a 214/40-17.

Or maybe even a little wider, like a 215/40-17.

he, he, he funny typo!!!!

brooklands, save yourself some time, follow my advice as I have researched this as much as anyone.

Most people run a 215/40-17 and either a 265 or 275/35-18. Some people will throw a 285/30-18 on the back, but others think it is too wide and looks weird compared to the smaller front. To compensate for that, some people will order a 235/35-17 front, but that size rubs in lock to lock turn.

You cant go wrong with the 215/40 and 265/35, it is within TCS tolerance. I wouldn't do the 275 in the back since you only have a 9" wheel.

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