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To Paint or Not to Paint?

8 November 2000
San Francisco, CA, USA
I noticed this morning that the black paint on the rear left corner of the bumper has begun to flake off.

Apparently someone bumped into my car when I was in the city last week. I did not notice any damage until I saw the paint flakes. After closer inspection it appears that the bumper has been pushed in just slightly. I cannot detect any compression marks on the bumper, just the flaking paint.

My question is this...

1) Should I have the bumper repainted? OR
2) Buy a new bumper?

I am afraid if I repaint the bumper that it will decrease the value of the car.

Any comments would be appreciated.

1996 NSX-T, Black/Black
Repaint it, either way the bumper needs to be fixed. I don't think a new bumper comes in factory colors. Even if you do get a new bumper that bumper will have to be primed and painted to match the color of your car. You've got the bumper already so just repaint it.

RyRy is correct - the bumpers do not come painted, so either way you'll end up with an aftermarket-painted bumper. If this one is not damaged, just repaint it.

Take some good photos before you repaint it so if you ever sell the car you can show that it was repainted for a very minor paint problem, not as part of a crash repair.