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TONS of NSX parts for sale...

30 October 2000
Houston, TX
Ok all, I've got a ton of parts to unload.

Please be patient with me as I work to provide additional pictures, shipping quotes, etc....all while trying to balance a busy personal life, kids, and a hectic work schedule.

LOCATED in Houston, TX area

Here are the parts:

1. $650 2000 NSX Steering wheel- perforated leather (condition 8.5/10)
2. $800 2002-2005 NSX Steering wheel- perforated leather (condition 9.9/10)
3. $250 2000 NSX airbag (condition 9.9/10)
4. $600 (SOLD) Carbon Glove box cover
5. $900 2000 NSX NA2 cats catalytic converters
6. $300 (SOLD) Downforce Rear diffusor- has some scratches and missing a chunk which I believe is a common problem. I sold one before off my NA1 and it had the same issue. CANNOT see once mounted.
7. $250 (pending) NSX shocks from a 2002-2004 NSX, can’t recall the year, low miles
8. $200 H&R lowering springs, low mileage, maybe used 5k miles
9. $200 NSX Targa strut bar (can be installed in a coupe, but you will only be able to mount/secure on the strut towers)
10. $200 (pending) OEM rear window garnish
11. $150 (SOLD) NSX rear carbon diffuser
12. $100 NSX OEM glove box inner without airbag (1991/1992 cars)
13. $100 (SOLD) NSX OEM glove box inner with passenger airbag (1993-2005 cars)
14. $100 (SOLD) NSX intake manifold cover matte black-not sure about years
15. $100 NSX intake manifold cover graphite grey color- again not sure about year
16. $150 NSX turn signals parking lights for fixed headlight cars, one has some damage (1991-2001)
17. $400 (SOLD) NSX OEM tool set, complete.
18. $150 (SOLD) NSX intake OEM airbox
19. $200 Spare tire holder

Will add more as I come across parts.

I have tons of other various parts- sway bars, OEM front lips, even the thin one that originally came on the 1991 NSX. I have stacy side skirts, axles, spacers, camber adjustment control arms, floor mats, NSX artwork, and so on and so on…. Feel free to inquire directly as it’s just too much to list and take pictures of.

Preference will be given to local pick up, due to the number of items I’m trying to unload, but will ship most parts at the most reasonable rates I can find.

- Zishan

281-830-thirty one eight five
[email protected]

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more pics...



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Located in Houston, TX.

Yes, Pride V2 titanium exhaust. Sorry, that was listed in a separate thread. Asking price is $2750, but I'm trying not to ship, hence it hasn't sold.
Asking price for the stacy side skirts and the muffler shown in the pictures above? Also what kind of muffler is that?

The side skirts are kaiser silver or silverstone, I think silverstone, with door inserts. I've been holding them for years. I'd want $600 firm on those.
What color are those floor mats I might be interested in those to.

I've got a couple of floor mats, I'll send you pics tomorrow, and you are the first to ask. Sorry about the diffuser again....
Good afternoon,
I'd like to buy the NSX turn signals parking lights for fixed headlight cars.
I just PM'd you.

Hello. I'd be interested in the front turn signals, front lip (NA2) and floor mats depending on color. Preferably black/charcoal with silver lettering. Thank you
The camber arms... Are those front or rears?

They are the rear, a complete pair of Thom Ayotte's camber kit, already installed into OEM rear upper control arms. The bearings are noisy, but I believe these can be easily replaced. I'm wanting $500, the price of the OEM upper control arms...consider the camber kit free. :smile:

Hello. I'd be interested in the front turn signals, front lip (NA2) and floor mats depending on color. Preferably black/charcoal with silver lettering. Thank you

The front turn lights, upon closer inspection, have cracks/blemishes. I can text you better/detailed pictures if you are still interested...will take reasonable offer.

Hi, how much for all the posters shipped to FL?

The framed posters have generated a lot of interested and I have a few people interested. I'm trying to get price/shipping totals and will let you know if they are still available.

- Zishan
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Sent PM
Rats, Hugh beat me to it.
Hi Hugh, hope you’re good !


Nigel, I posted the turn signals at a higher price originally, as I didn't notice the blemishes at first. Once I brought them inside to take better pics, I noticed the issues. I sent Hugh detailed pics.

If you are interested, please text me, and I'll fwd you the pics.

- Zishan