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Top Gear NSX Addicts

27 March 2000
Palos Verdes, CA
Anyone catch the article "NSX Addicts" in the November 2002 issue of Top Gear magazine?

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Have bought the magazine. Pretty expensive.
Article is not very long. Strangely enough, it states the NSX has been in production for 20 years. Very stupid mistake.
The person writing it pbviously not a NSX-fan. Too bad for him I think.
For some reason British car magazines always come up with the 'character' stuff when describing a car. Porsche, Ferrari, BMW et.c have character, Japanese cars don't.
Maybe Honda should have added a piece of walnut in the car.
MvM: u seen the Top Gear review of the NSX by Tiff Neddel (???)
...strangest review i've watched. i don't think the british understand japanese cars.

character seems to be defined by 'a little bit of devil' in the Porsche's clutch, or the ferrari 'fighting for control against the macho driver behind the wheel'...

...i guess they're the ones missing out.
Hi guys,

Top Gear's a pretty 'safe' middle of the road UK mag, who's readership is a bit old and past it (present company obviously not included ;-)), hence the watered down, safe NSX reviews.

Don't know if you guys can get EVO magazine, but their recent group test featured an NSX, a Carrera 4S, a TVR Tuscan S, a BMW M Coupe and a Corvette Z06!

To cut a long story short, the NSX came in 'a solid second' behind the 911, but only because the C4S had 'come along and moved the game on'.

All good stuff!

Scary Steve
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Originally posted by NeoNSX:
MvM: u seen the Top Gear review of the NSX by Tiff Neddel (???)

?????? Ive only seen the one with Jeremy Clarkson. Is there one with Tiff and if so, please put up the URL!
Hi Steve,

I have a copy of the Evo mag. It was the most positive NSX review I have seen, in the British press, in some time. A very good comparision.

Live Free or Die

Originally posted by 5inchfatlip:
There is also another NSX featured in some Japanese Sports Car Magazine, I forgot the title, they have it at borders, a red NSX with gold rims....

sounds cool... any pix of this on da net?
do the gold rims have a 5" fat lip?
The URL for the TopGear NSX review WAS http://equinix.taner.net/topgear/ ... but that was last month, and it seems to be down now (for me anyway).

OH... did a search for you, and found some SICK stuff!!!

<A HREF="http://www.stevesig.net/cars/Top_Gear-Honda_NSX.asf">Top Gear - Honda NSX</A> or also from <A HREF="http://www.freebmw.net/share/CarsBoatsBikes/Misc/Videos/tiff_needell_videos/Top_Gear-Honda_NSX.asf">Top Gear - Honda NSX Site 2</A> [22MByte .ASF]

...man i love technology...
Great read by Evo. And it's nice to see a car magazine editor post on the site - intl. too.

Anybody besides me see that Top Gear kept implying that the NSX wasn't going to be around anymore? If I remember correctly, there's at least 3 references.
hey ponyboy, if u can find even one of those references i'd be interested.

funny u mention this about Top Gear. A porsche-fanatic mate of mine watched the above NSX review by TopGear, and he said Tiff didn't seem too enthusiastic about the NSX.

i wonder if there's some hidden truth (or maybe a conspiracy theory!) as to why TopGear has never really taken to the NSX. Maybe Tiff has shares in Ferrari? :p
Hi Everybody

Scary Steve maybe we should get a NSX in your mag next

Mine is just having fitted a Mugen front and rear spoiler with Bilstein suspension I have just bought the number plate NSX 1.

The write up is in Japanese performance Magazine.
There is also a story in this weeks Autocar on a NSX R.

Here's the requested references.

Table of Contents description:
"Group NSX: Honda's driver-friendly supercar is about to bite the dust. To commerate its passing, we track down a group of owners (not an easy task on its own) who fell in love with the exotic that never caught on with the UK public."

Pg. 127
"Once again, I'm behind the wheel of a Honda NSX. And it's remastered because the NSX itself has been remastered. For the final time."

"But this could be my last drive. The 2002 visual tweaks signal the demise of Japan's supercar. Soon, the NSX will cease to be."

"Also, spending some quality time with the NSX will let me consider whether the last-ditch revisions might give the NSX a final huzzah on the forecourt."

The story intro.
"In 1991, Honda gave us a nw supercar choice, the NSX. But in its 20 years of production, it's hardly been a best seller and soon it won't be selling at all. Here a selection of NSX owners tell us why they went for the Oriental option."

20 years? They must be using English math.
thanx Ponyboy... more references that i imagined (and more blatant than i thought they would be).

"...the exotic that never caught on with the UK public."

Probably because the UK public listens to nobs like Tiff. >

"Here a selection of NSX owners tell us why they went for the Oriental option"

this indirectly points to the brits thinking supercars only come from Europe.

...20 years of production...

It's only been out for ten... and didn't work on the NSX start in 1984? Still not 20yrs.

How old is the Ferrari F40? And they still rant on about that being the supercar of all time. True supercars NEVER age.
watched the review.. hey actually the 91-3 stock rims arent that bad looking!!

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BTW the review said NSX 0-60 MPH is 5.8 secs?
are you sure?? the NEw350Z claim to do it in 5.4 secs

the art of chasing down my friend's white 3000gt at com. ave

NSXCA # 1690 "Sabrina"