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Totalled Viper!!

30 January 2005
Colorado Springs, CO
Anyone see this by chance and know whats up? I got there kinda late and saw nothing but the leftovers (was on my way to dentist). A brand new Silver Viper was totalled on the Toll Road in South Orange County about 10-10:30 ish. I got stuck in the throng of looky-loos as cops were still checking out what was left of the Viper and havent moved the wreckage yet. If it was a legitimate accident due to some kind of car failure or another car causing it, I hope everyone is ok. If it is another example of someone being stupid and playing speed racer tuff, one less moron on the roads. :mad: If its someone with more money than driving skills, too bad so sad :tongue: start small, learn how to drive, then buy the Viper. :rolleyes:
Yeah was brand new. Looks like it rolled to from what I remember. Looked like passenger side was and rear end were pretty much dust. :confused: