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Buyers Beware JH4NA115XNT000773 totalled cluster rollback

3 December 2021
Brunswick, OH
Buyers beware…..

Just checked out this 1992 Acura NSX (Grand Prix White) VIN# JH4NA115XNT000773. It’s for sale by Platinum Motors in Heath, OH for $65,980.

After checking it out, there is signs of an accident, passenger side rear quarter panel has been replaced. Signs of bondo work around the door latch on the B-pillar. Lots of screws and clips missing around that same area and around the door seals. Interior panels are unsecured. Carpeting seems to be messed with, probably during the repair. Body lines are off and body panel gaps are different everywhere. The steering column cover was off.

When the vehicle was started, the engine ran really rough, vibration through the car and you can hear ticking from the head. While at operating temperature, you can see puffing rings of smoke coming from the exhaust, a good indication of bad/bent valves. Very foul smell of unburned fuel.

Now for the best part. Ger Man and I contacted Acura of North America and the only information they have in file is that this 1992 Acura NSX had its factory warranty voided / terminated in December of 1993! Very suspicious that Acura would cancel the factory warranty on a brand new vehicle. This could be indicative of the vehicle being a lemon or totaled out (vehicle on the NSX Prime totaled list). There is also no other service history that was documented through Acura of North America. Another worrisome issue with the vehicle is that the title shows 65,000 miles while the odometer shows 63,000 miles. According to the dealer this is just a mistake. Could the odometer have been changed? That’s what I asked myself 🤔

I mentioned all these issues to the dealer and was ready to test drive it. I was told since I have all these concerns they will not let me test drive the vehicle.

Too many red flags for the vehicle… It’s very tempting to be caught up in the moment but buyer beware.


Also carfax and Autocheck both show 65,283 mile in 2016. The speedometer is currently at 63k. Please tell me that’s not fishy.

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