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14 May 2007
Beaumont, Texas
Every year the wife and I spend Spring break in Wimberly, thus me missing the TX2K event. She finally decides no Wimberly so I can attend only to wake up with a down pour all weekend and it's only 45 minutes away this year. I'm totally bummed. I really looked forward to some BIG HP GTR's, Lambo's, Supra's ect. :frown:
The downpour is only for Saturday it seems. I was at the track Thursday and Friday and it was great weather honestly. They are saying Sunday if the weather is hopefully going to hold and people will get back to drag racing. UGR didn't come so there is only a handful of lambos and one R8 if I remember right. GTRs are out by the dozens.
I hope you went. It was pretty fun watching the cars go at it. The ETS GTR is seriously quick. 7.49 was a hell of a run.