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Steven Juliano

15 March 2005
Plymouth, Michigan
We all enjoy reading about "the hunt" and then circumstances - perhaps sometimes seemingly just fate, surrounding finding and purchasing the right NSX.

This is now one of those stories...

Most of us here know that just 49 Imola Orange Pearl NSX's were brought into North America during the 2002-2005 model years. There was just one IOP with an automatic transmission. We knew it was a 2002 model year but no one knew the sequential number - twelve automatics were brought in, in 2002 M Y.

Fast forward to February, 2016, when this popped up:


I rapidly contacted the seller. Steven Juliano, of New York City but now residing and having a Mopar Collection in San Clemente, CA. The orange NSX auto was titled/registered Indiana, and he stated it had been in his climate controlled private museum there for over a decade, kept stock and OEM. He stated he bought this NSX because he had buddies who encouraged him to look at the NSX and that it might prove to be highly desirable. He discreetly disclosed he had been in a bad way, medically. Didn't know what his future would bring. And felt "spread out" with leaving his hometown NYC for the west coast, along with friends/family/possessions/cars and car things.

Cliff notes - I offered mid-high $60's but it became obvious someone presented more moolah. Upon finding this out I expressed regrets to Mr. Juliano and asked that if something went upside-down on the deal to pls contact me back - and maybe tell his purchaser my contact info just in case.

Time passes and out of nowhere I get another bite at the apple. October, 2016, I get an e-mail from a stranger. In New Jersey. From a gent who stated he bought Steven Juliano's 2002 orange NSX automatic. And when he did, Mr. Juliano provided my contact information as a buyer who was interested. Mr. New Jersey explained he bought this automatic but then realized he truly wanted/needed a manual. Am I still interested? :biggrin:

H*ll yea, I'm still interested. But what's the markup going to be? Ummm, no, I'm out. :frown: He puts it on NSXPrime F S:


Time passes. Mr. New Jersey telephones me and e-mails me just before Christmas, 2016 - "gonna put it on Flea-Bay! One last chance!" No. Can't make your minimum.

I didn't watch the Flea-Bay listing. I figured it would sell for near-asking, even though it had I think a $60K begin price.


Flea-Bay auction closes, this NSX is declared as SOLD. I lament, but move on. Until about Jan. 8th of 2017, when late one snowy Monday night I say WTH and send an e-mail message to Mr. New Jersey. Who responds the next morning that the sale fell through when his Flea-Bay purchaser stated his wife would not permit this transaction (????:rolleyes:????). He asks, "do you want the car?" The rest is history and we made a very good deal. Within a week this NSX arrived here via Reliable Carriers and it has proven to be everything represented in both seller's advertisements.

Tonight I happened to be watching NBCSN, who was televising re-run of the spring 2019 Mecum Indianapolis auction. Paying about half-attention I heard the blurb about "the Steven Juliano Collection" to be auctioned off. Quick go*gle searches found indeed, Mr. Juliano left us last fall, 2018, and his family chose to entrust Mecum to move his incredible car collection. I now feel very fortunate to be "the caretaker" as he would say, of the orange Acura NSX he owned for so long. :smile::smile:

Just look and read about this guy - incredible the Mopars and Shelbys, the automobile memorabilia he assembled and curated! Look at not only his cars, but his over a thousand pieces in the Mecum on-line gallery :cool:



(19 pages! Click "view all" to be amazed.)

justcarguy blogspot here, with many insights and further info - hit the additional threads the O P has listed:


RIP Mr. Juliano. I wish I had met you. I will think about you while driving your NSX.

Imola Orange 2002 auto remains with me. Currently the roof, A pillars, and B pillars are wrapped gloss black to give appearance of earlier NSX's.

Quick link to current photo (with gloss black wrap):

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That is an incredible story. It's good to know that you are enjoying the car.
watched his amazing collection cross block...interviewed his daughter,,ect....small world.
Indeed, what a neat story. This is usually something you hear from Leno when he talks about his collection.

Mr Juliano sure had an amazing collection. It is interesting that he had a NSX. It is very different from his Mopar collection. However, I can see why he picked orange since it might remind him of the bright colors of the muscle car era.

It is nice to hear that you got to speak to Mr Juliano before his passing. I am sure that helps with the connection to the car.

RIP Mr. Juliano. I wish I had met you. I will think about you while driving your NSX.

I'm sure he is smiling and wishes you years of enjoyment.
Thank you, Gentlemen, for the nice compliments.

I've tried to re-size this image for posting here - it is a pic of this 2002 IOP auto inside Mr. Juliano's San Clemente, CA, MOPAR collection warehouse taken Feb. of 2016. In full resolution the image is stunning :smile: Sooo much MOPAR memorabilia, not to mention MOPAR collectibles and one-offs.


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Beautifully written. The "hunt" is all too familiar to car enthusiasts. I am glad you finally ended up with the car at a reasonable price. Such a big purchase is not easy to happen even if you have the funds. Hopefully the love for this car extends beyond all our lives and we get to drive them for as long as possible!
WOW. What a great story, thank you so much for sharing. RIP Mr. Juliano.
Awesome story, Neal. I still have a key chain you gave me at NSXPO Ohio. Isn't the hunt half the fun?

Coming to NSXPO in DC?
Awesome story, Neal. I still have a key chain you gave me at NSXPO Ohio. Isn't the hunt half the fun?

Coming to NSXPO in DC?

Thank you. Yes, the hunt for the right NSX can take months/years and proves rewarding upon the right choices - you have the evidence of that in your garage, eh partner? :biggrin:

I'm a no on NSXPO this year but madame secretary will be there! Will miss seeing you. Been too long.
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