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Type-S seats

I believe they are the Recaro Pole Position.

I can get both the Recaro and Sparco seats. I personally prefer the Sparco over Recaro.

-- Chris


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Sparco has a NEW street/sport seat - carbon fiber shell, adjustable recline. Unclear if it has holes for an anti-sub strap.

Any info on when it will be released? Its not in their current online catalogs yet

Manuel C
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Sparco seats are of the same quality as the Recaros, but at a much lower price.

For some, it's a compensation.
The Type S seats are actually OEM Recaro Pole Positions but built to Honda specs in carbon fiber instead of the regular fiberglass. The Honda OEM ones also are leather with a perforated alcantara (Suede-simulation) inserts. They also cost about $8k each!