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Ultimate rally

google Kim Schmitz... then ask yourself if you really want to give him your 30,000.

He was in the torqenstein gumball 3000 2004 movies released on the internet. Long story short, he is a self proclaimed hacker back in the 1980's, turned banker who lost all of his money in a insider trading scandle, spent 6 months in prison, then got out and released a new "investment oppritunity" for people that never really took off. This is his latest venture.

Dont get me wrong, I think all of the rally things are kinda cool, but i think this takes it a bit to far. The Gumball never officially endorsed speeding, and had steps that could be taken to restrict "gumballers" if they were out of hand. Adding cash prizes at the end of each stage seems to encourage a drive-fast-at-all-cost attitude that might prove VERY dangerous IMO.
I agree that you should stay miles away from this one. :eek

Just read through the rules. Here's a classic:
"It is our sole decision to name the best drivers who will receive the prize money. " RIGHT..... :wink: :wink: So that you and your buds can pass the money to whoever you see fit that day?? I don't think so. :cool:
I have no intention of entering.Just question the entire concept of this rally. Like you guys, I dont trust it a bit. But would love to see the video of it when and if it comes out.
Ohhh and you will... On the Kible.org site there are pictures on his latest trip of Kimble and the "Ultimate Rally 2006 Movie Producer"... so they are obviouslly going to be doing something with all the footage from the cars. After all, everyone is required to have video surveilance equipment installed on their cars that is taken at every check point.