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Uprights, Pivots and Control Arms

4 September 2003
I have a few new suspension parts left for sale. If anyone is interested, I would be happy to sell all for a reduced price. That being said, the prices listed below are approx 1/2 of retail. All parts are new!

51210-SL0-010 RT front upright - $350
51215-SL0-010 LT front upright - $350
51370-SL0-000 RT front pivot - $400
51380-SL0-000 LT front pivot - $400
52390-SL0-020 RT rear upper control arm - $400
52400-SL0-020 LT rear upper control arm - $400
52350-SL0-010 RT rear lower control arm - $400
52360-SL0-010 LT rear lower control arm - $400
51360-SL0-020 LT front lower control arm - $300
51460-SL0-010 LT front upper control arm - $200
51450-SL0-010 RT front upper control arm - $200