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Powertrain Used RPS clutch - cheap

30 August 2005
So Cal
Hello Prime Family,

Up for sale is a used RPS clutch with flywheel. I had this clutch in my car for several years (about 10K miles - I don't drive the car much) and recently decided to go with a different setup that is less stiff due to an ankle injury.

I didn't have any issues with the clutch - I just injured my ankle and needed something that was closer to OEM.

For those who know Ramon at Niguel Motors in Laguna Niguel CA (well respected NSX shop), he removed this one and installed my new one. After the install, he mentioned that this RPS clutch still had quite a bit of life left in it and appeared to be in good condition. I don't know how to measure the life left in a clutch so I'm going off of Ramon's knowledge.

Again, the clutch is an RPS and includes the alignment tool. It is a stiffer clutch... not as stiff as the comptech PowerGrip II, but definitely more stiff than OEM. I have the comptech SC and it held the power just fine. I have never tracked the car and have only been on a few spirited canyon drives with friends. Car is really just used for weekend cruises.. so that should give you an idea of what kind of use the clutch received.

Looking to get $150 shipped within the US. If you are local to me (I'm in Riverside Ca.) and want to pick it up, I'll do $100.






Alignment tool.jpg

Hey guys,

I've received a lot of interest for this clutch so I'm going in order of first come first served.

Something I have to clarify... I said I would do $150 shipped, but I just figured out that to ship this clutch across the entire US, it will cost me $75. I would like to make $100 off of the transaction, so if I have to ship it across the US, the shipped price will be $175. Basically, I will pay up to $50 in shipping... anything over that the buyer will need to chip in.

Sorry for any confusion... I didn't think shipping would be that much.
Sell is pending.... but I have not received payment. If payment is not received by later tonight, I will move down the list to the next person.