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Volk Challenge Wheels

20 October 2000
Hermosa Beach
Hello all, I recently bought a 93 black/ivory NSX and am looking to upgrade the wheels and paws. I love the look of the Volk Challenge Wheels. Anyone have suggestions for a set-up with these guys? I really want to go with 17's in the front and 18's in the back, but what do you all think about for the rest of the specifics? Keeping in mind I am not lowering the car and dont want any rubbing. I have been reading these threads for a long-time so I figure someone will know, thanks in advance!
I don't mean to be negative, but RTFAQ.
There's too much detailed info in there to quote here.
Congratulations on your purchase, and enjoy your new ride.
Just a personal opinion, but I have a friend who has Volk Racing Wheels 17 and 18's in the rear, looks great. I have HRE 18s in front and 19s in rear, lowered 1.3inches and looks pretty good as well. It's just a personal pref I guess, but I have a great place where I buy everything it's called WESCO Tires in Southern CA. 818.848.5900 ask for Rick and tell him Steve Garfield refered you... Wesco did my lowering with Eibach springs, Koni's andwheels and tires. I must admit, every oil change 3,000 I need to change my front chin rubber... Look at pic posted yesterday called Loaded NSX

Good luck and congratulations