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Wheels Volk TE37 17/18 NSX Spec. Yokohama Advan NEOVA AD08R. 215/40/17 & 255/35/18

7 July 2014
Montclair, NJ
Guys, posting up a few parts for my friend Billy at needpowdercoating. Third, a set of Volk TE37 wheels in 17x8.5 +40 and 18x9.5 +22. Comes with center caps, valve stems, OEM stickers and are already balanced. Tire sizes are 215/40/17 and 255/35/18. Wheels were removed from a 2004 NSX due to being sold to a new owner who wanted the car bone stock. Price: $3000 picked up, $3500 shipped. You can contact him directly at (201) 889-1873. You can also see his work via his Instagram handle of needpowdercoating or website of the same name. As with the Pride Exhaust and BC Racing coilovers that were listed by me for him previously, the forum members who purchased them will attest they had 100% satisfaction with their purchase. As always, if this is against forum rules, moderators please feel free to close the thread.
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Bump, still available.
JGibbbs, I am currently at work and our system does not permit Photobucket access from where I have the pictures hosted. I will check when I get home the issue. In the interim, if you go to www.needpowdercoating.com and select the Instagram tab, when the page comes up the posts on May 16th and May 24th will show the wheels themselves and also when mounted on his recently sold NSX. Thanks for the interest.
Lowered price.. Now $3000 picked up, $3500 shipped. (This is a great deal as the tires alone are $1k.) Plus they are already mounted, have valve stems, stickers, and caps.
Perfect!! I was able to attach the files from my cell since Photobucket now has a new process they use to allow photo hosting to various websites. I will consult about shipping charges as well.
Is that the Stoptech BBK on the car? Do you need spacer to clear?

Yes, that is the Stoptech Trophy BBK that was on the car. The 17x8.5 +40 offset wheel does not require a spacer for clearance.
These are still available Primers!!
Hello I'm new here , will you take a trade ?

Hi, unfortunately the 2004 NSX has been sold and my friend has a 2017 now. He is not mounting these wheels on the 2017. The rims are only for sale, no trades. Thansk for the interest!!