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Forced Induction Vortech FMU (Comptech Supercharger)

13 October 2007
I have for sale a used Vortech Super Fuel Management Unit (FMU). Included with this part are three additional calibration rings (which are still packaged, and look new).

The Vortech FMU has traditionally been used as a part in Comptech's supercharger package, and retails new for $300.

I have never used this FMU, so I am unsure if it needs to be rebuilt. Comptech, however, does rebuild these FMUs, and at an affordable price. (For less than $100, if I recall correctly.)

As I am unsure of the working condition of this item, the first person who donates $75 to Lud / NSX Prime will receive this FMU. And, as a courtesy, I will ship for free in the continental US.

If the FMU works, you win and Prime wins. If the FMU doesn't work, it still has value as it can be rebuilt by Comptech, and you'll still save money over buying a new FMU. Either way, you'll be doing a good deed for Prime.

Below is a picture of the FMU, and the three calibration rings (packaged). Due to my poor photo skills the FMU's mounting bracket can't be seen in the picture, but it is attached and included.

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