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  1. M

    Forced Induction Comptech Supercharger Pulley For Sale

    For sale: Comptech supercharger pulley (from my legacy Whipple style supercharger setup), approximately 4" in diameter (which is ~ 101mm). I believe this was the low boost (ie: ~6psi) pulley. Machined from 6061 aluminum, anodized black, excellent condition (all inner teeth are great). Asking $80...
  2. nsxnemo

    Forced Induction CTSC Comptech Supercharger Whipple

    Everything pictured is included. Roughly 12k miles off a '91 nsx. Reason for selling because switched from this ctsc whipple to sos sc kenne bell. - Whipple supercharger unit and intake manifold - Idler plate with all new smooth idler pulley, grooved idler pulley bearing, and tensioner pulley -...
  3. Risen

    BBSC Pulleys

    Hello, does anybody know where I can source some BBSC pulleys? Particularly 6 PSI (7) or 10. I purchased a kit 5 years ago and recently decided to put it on and noticed there is slight wobble of the pulley and it appears as if it is bent (possibly from the previous owner hitting the pulley to...
  4. Risen

    Forced Induction WTB: Basch Supercharger 6 PSI pulley

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a 6 PSI for the basch supercharger. Unfortunately, the pulley that I have is slightly bent so it wobbles. Also, if you have the 10 or 12 PSI pulley, I would like to purchase that as well. Thanks!
  5. chussey

    WANTED: Intake manifold for Comptech Supercharger

    Hey everyone, I've got a partial comptech supercharger kit that's missing the intake manifold and the belt tensioner assembly. Any chance someone has these parts available, either for sale or just to let me borrow to take some measurements so I can make my own? I'm happy to give a deposit while...
  6. T

    On the fence about buying NSX with high-boost CTSC setup

    Hey Prime, I could really use some advice from those familiar with the Comptech superchargers. I'm currently seriously considering buying this NSX that checks almost all my boxes. I love the car, a low-mileage NA1 coupe, but there are two serious concern that have me on the fence. The first...
  7. Track Addict

    Competch 1.7 Autorotor Supercharger and Laminova Intercooler

    Comptech 1.7 Autorotor Supercharger kit with SOS Laminova air to water after-cooler - 90% complete kit, does not come with timing box and a few other small items that can be acquired or remade. Currently on a car, but can remove/install pending sale. Would prefer to keep as a set currently, but...
  8. chussey

    WANTED: NSX CT/Comptech supercharger parts

    Looking for a used kit or any parts for the Ct/Comptech/SOS supercharger kit. I currently have a partial kit that I am trying to complete. Let me know what you have! Thanks!
  9. NSX1145

    Custom Comptech Supercharger Kit + Intercooler + Big 80mm TB + AEM INFINITY EMS & Mor

    Custom Comptech Supercharger Kit $6500! New thread created - most of the parts here sold.
  10. Risen

    Forced Induction AEM EMS For OBD 1 and OBD 2 (Harness) + Split Second

    $650 shipped AEM EMS 1 for OBD1 and OBD2 NSX (Comes with harness). Also included is the split second, MAP sensor, and serial interface. Came off of a turbocharged 2001 NSX.
  11. S

    Powertrain want to buy alternator mounting brackets please

    I found the parts from a very helpful NSX prime member Boca Rat thank you.
  12. M

    Forced Induction BBSC Basch Boost Supercharger Kit!

    - Paxton Novi 2000 Blower- Blower has approximately 3500 miles and is in great shape. - 3 Pullies, 6psi, 8psi and a 12psi - Crank pulley - Alternator pulley - 2 Supercharger Belt for low boost and high boost pulley - Polished Coolant Tank - Polished Supercharger Carrier Bar. - All Oil lines for...
  13. J

    BBSC complete kit

    Complete BBSC Novi 2000 supercharger kit- 5000.00 plus shipping. Currently installed on car, I plan to remove in August can arrange earlier if needed. I want to put this for sale before it is removed so that potential buyers can see the BBSC first hand if local or if you are remote we can video...
  14. chewybaca96

    Forced Induction Basch Boost Supercharger w/AEM

    This is a Basch Boost SC kit with a Paxton Novi 2000 Blower. It has a brand new driveshaft, new bearings and new spider gear. I have some extra spider gears to throw in. Included is the AEM Series one EMS. I can throw in my injectors as well at a negotiable price, that the AEM is tuned...
  15. Risen

    Forced Induction MSL Engine Harness AEM EMS Series 1 for 1997-2005 OBD2 NSX + Split Second VC2 Voltage

    MSL Enginess Harness that allows you to use AEM EMS Series 1 with 1997-2005 OBD2 NSX. Also comes with Split Second VC2 Voltage Clamp. $220 shipped.
  16. chussey

    2003 NSX Intake Manifold $450 shipped

    Intake manifold from a 20,000 mile 2003 NSX that had a supercharger installed. Great condition. $450 OBO
  17. J

    wtb supercharger kit / turbo kit for ,my 93 nsx

    looking to buy a complete supercharger kit or turbo kit for my nsx 1993
  18. R

    Low Miles BBSC Novi 2000 400HP Supercharger With OEM Parts and Comptech 6 Gr Pulley

    -- SOLD, Thank you Prime! -- BBSC Novi 2000 NSX 400+ HP Supercharger Kit for Sale $3900 OBO Kit Includes: - All parts from original kit - Paxton Novi 2000 Blower (Larger One) - BASCH Drive Unit - RC 440 Injectors - Billet Pulleys, Brackets, Clamps, Intake Elbows, etc. - 4.75” High Boost...
  19. mchang

    My Supercharged NSX video

    Hey guys, recently made a fun little quick video over the weekend. hope you enjoy Featuring Pride's v2 2.5" exhaust
  20. Velocitized

    Forced Induction Comptech Supercharger Original Whipple

    This Comptech Supercharger was on my car when I bought it with a bad motor. The motor had a spun bearing and didn't run when I got it. I found a complete used motor and put that in my car and I never got around to putting the supercharger on. My car had about 78,000 miles on it when I bought...
  21. comptonassdaniel

    Issue with High Boost CTSC Kit with AEM EMS

    Hello! So I got bitten by the boost bug and I decided to buy a CTSC high boost kit from another member on the board. It came with a series 1 AEM EMS which was already tuned (figured it would be a good base map since my set up is similar). The install mostly went without a hitch per the...
  22. S

    CTSC, Supercharger, Transmission, Heads, Engine Short block, Comptech Headers

    Please close this thread Please close this thread. I've sold some items, added more details and pics to separate threads for each specific part.
  23. Y

    1998 - Spa Yellow / Black - JH4NA216WT000230 - $29,500

    Vehicle has been sold!1998 NSX FULL VIN #: JH4NA216WT000230 CURRENT MILEAGE: 46,245 COLOR (EXT/INT): Spa Yellow / Black TRANSMISSION: 6 speed manual LOCATION OF VEHICLE (CITY/STATE): Chapel Hill, NC CONTACT VIA (E-mail, PM, phone number, etc.): [email protected] PRICE (MUST STATE A PRICE, IS IT...
  24. Y

    Forced Induction Vortech FMU (Comptech Supercharger)

    I have for sale a used Vortech Super Fuel Management Unit (FMU). Included with this part are three additional calibration rings (which are still packaged, and look new). The Vortech FMU has traditionally been used as a part in Comptech's supercharger package, and retails new for $300. I have...
  25. johntwolff

    Son of Forced Induction

    The siren call has overcome. I have taken the plunge again... After a hideous misadventure into supercharging (with a brand which will remain nameless but has been oft pilloried here) I am now the proud possessor of the USA's lowest milage, fresh-from-the-shrink-wrap 3.2 liter engine... about...