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Walk 4 Hope to Cure Breast Cancer

21 August 2003
Edison, New Jersey
If any of you NE Crew are looking for something to do this Sunday June 5th take a ride to Edison NJ and join me,my kids and about 1500 others in a 4 mile Walk for Hope to Cure Breast Cancer. We have teamed up with the City of Hope Research Center for the past 3 years in an effort to raise money to find a cure for Breast Cancer. I know this is not an NSX event but it is for a real purpose and a great cause. The walk was named in honor of my wife Michelle who died from breast cancer in 2002. It was started by a family friends daughter after she saw the impact Michelles death had on so many people from the community. This is now the largest event run by City of Hope in the Tri-State area. For those of you who are all about people watching there are certainly plenty to see, all about the food we have bagels,donuts,Applebees is a local sponsor as well as chinese food. This is a run/walk so if you are into running or walking you can get some exercise for a good cause.

I have debated posting this since it is not NSX related but a bunch of you contacted me to find out where to make donations so here it is :smile:

On site registration begins at 9AM, the walk will start at approximately 10AM
If you can't paticipate but would like to donate:

My daughter is leading the Rutgers team so if you donate please select JOIN TEAM and then Rutgers and it will give me one place to find all my friends (they always give me a list of names since it is impossible to meet and greet everyone at an event this size).

Facts about City of Hope:
82% of each dollar donated to City of Hope goes directly into Breast Cancer Research. I know that many of us have been touched by this disease. One in nine women are diagnosed with Breast Cancer each year and the numbers are on the rise. The one gratifying fact that I have learned is that so many of the drugs developed for specific types of cancer have also been effective against many other types of cancer which may someday lead to a cure for all cancers.

I will get off my soap box and leave you with this thought....

No matter what you decide to do this Sunday the local NJ weather will be sunny, clear and warm and that is a guarantee. This is our 4th annual walk and no matter what the weather prediction has been or how cloudy or rainy the day has started it has always been sunny, clear and warm in Edison at our Walk 4 Hope

Alan, Josh and Karen

I will be thinking of you, your kids, and this cause. Gladly would have been there but I will be heading up to Lime Rock on Sunday for a 2 day BMWCCA track event.