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Wheels Want to Buy, Wheels-Aggressive 17/18 or 18/19 stagger and low offsets, AME Preferred

3 August 2019
Columbia, MD
Want to Buy, 114.3x5 either 17x8'ish low offset (+20'ish) and 18x10.5-11'ish near zero or negative or at least under +15 or +20. Need to clear BBK (isn't that the trick).

Preference for JDM, especially AME, and ideally a set of Modelart Priders from AME or other JDM.
AME Modelart Prider.jpg11.jpg
I'm in Maryland, likely need to do a test fit on a one-off widebody. What ya got?

(currently 17x8+22 is OK with 245/40 and 18x10.5+15 with a 40mm spacer and running 275-285/35. Would like to lose or minimize the spacer but may be impossible)